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I bought a 2015 grey wolf.from camping world i have had nothing but problems out of this camper. The slide messed up relay switch AC vent Lights relay switch furnace all these problems i had with in the first six months of buying the camping.

My slide was stuck out so i couldnt take it in for service. I dealt with bruce in service department at camper world and i dont mind telling you that service is not what i fell i got. He told me i would have to bring it in. I ask how with the slide out.

He said he would call me back he never did i had call him. After about 2 weeks he had me do the trouble shooting for him instead of sendind a service man to help with the problem. He advised it was a relay switch and he would order one it never came.after about 4 months of fighting bruce finally sent someone to pick up the camper. The guy he sent had to burrow my tools to get the slide in the guy told me he had been working for them about month.

After they took the camper to the olive branch ms location where i brought it. It took about 2 months for them to get everything fixed. When i get it back the AC still does not get cold barely get cool some of the plugs dont work the vent above the stove stll doesnt work. And when i call bruce at olive brach ms location its like oh well i dont know we are not responable grey wolf is responsible.

Freinds i dont mind telling you i understand things happen i dont understand how you could stay in business with this type of service . I will never ever do bussiness with camping world in olive brach ms . I would never refer anybody to this place. I paid alot of money for this camper i have owned it less than a year and something has been torn up on it longer than its been in good working order its a 2015 camperothing should be wromg with it.

And i have got very little help from camping world. Its got so bad im going to check into the lemon laws on campers now they have sales that will tell evertthing that good but i dont fell they could careless after you pull of the lot.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I can understand how you feel we bought a new 2015 Holiday Rambler Vacationer last November. On our ride home there were [problems.

We have problems, to many to list, traveled 1500 miles twice for repairs in Decatur, Indiana. The unit is almost a year old, still leaks, literally rattled apart going across country as the drivers side slide has pulled screws & is now separating. Camp world would not respond to our calls from day one so we tried to go up the ladder & still waiting. Was promised everything, extended warrantee, slide pulled & inspected for water damage.

Still no answers, nothing in writing.

Spent over 6 months & time & effort only to need to be in the shop again as our problems are mounting. We feel your pain.

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