Took camper to Camping World in Oakwood, Ga. to put on consignment.

They offered me a price to buy then and said the offer would be good the entire time. Called several times to check on status of consignment and took several days or me going by there to find out what was going on. Went by there after three days of no call backs to see if they were going to buy camper at price they said they would buy anytime during the consignment period. The mangager and sales man said they could not buy it and were very rude.

Asked if they thought this is the way they do business and the manager said he saw no problem with it. Keep in mind they offered to buy camper at set price anytime and then refused to buy it. Took it to Camper City and met with Leonard who bought it the same day and paid more than camping world. Camper city is off exti 8 in Gainesville off Friendship Road.

Would recommend them to anybody and will be going back to buy a camper from them. Will never go back to Camping World and will not give them my money for any reason. Go to Camper City off exit 8 Hwy 985 in Buford and talk to Leonard.

They are the best. Camping world is all about themselves, do not care about customer service and will lie to you.

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Oakwood camping world has terrible service. They will never get back with you on the progress of the repairs. I would not use CW if there was anything but warranty work.

Cumming, Georgia, United States #904568

Camping world has awful customer service. Drive to oak wood location an hour out of our way to benefit from their free install promotion.

After waiting in line forever to order, it was as if they were trying to talk us out of it.

Brought our awning quote from them 2 months prior and they said there is not anyway anyone could quote on just a camper model. We will not be doing business with them again.

Gainesville, Georgia, United States #695426

Unhappy with camping world. We agree with this post.

Manager is very rude. Tried to purchase new rv promised on set date. Camper was not ready had problems. Nothing was as agreed and promised by Manager who thinks he is right and has all customers he needs.

Eerily don' t need the lies or camping world. Buyer be ware.


Your *** and you sound selfish. Go to Camper City, promise you Camping World will not hurt..at all.

People and there consignments...want us to sell them and not make anything. We are a business, not a charity.

to David Duluth, Georgia, United States #588718

You can't spell David and I don't think you work for CW.

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