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The RV industry has issues which involves every piece of the chain and includes OEM’s, their suppliers and dealers. Can you find a good unit?

Yes; however do not depend on dealers to do the right thing as many will provide poor service after the sale. If you want to own an RV either find someone who is dependable and does excellent work or plan on repairing everything yourself. I chose to go the second route as I have found incompetent “professionals” in many lines of business. The incompetence seems to only be getting worse in most trades.

I’ve owned a few RV’s over the years and have always done everything myself; from general maintenance to emergency maintenance and upgrades. I am currently finishing a full 5th wheel leveling system, tanks heaters and suspension true track on our 5th wheel. I am having to fix several items while doing the work; things the factory should have caught and fixed before the unit left the factory floor. The wiring seems to have been completed by someone who really didn’t care as a monkey could have done a better job.

The wiring is only the tip of the iceberg as I have found several other items which needed attention. The only advise I can offer is to do your research, don’t allow emotion to overtake you during the buying process and realize an RV is a moving house with additional systems that will need attention at one point or another.

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Had similar issues with Garner NC store sales department. Offered a bottom line out the door price and was told they couldn't do the deal.

We left after 4.5 hours. Got a call from the sales person a week later stating they would take our $110,000.00 offer - felt better for 46 minutes, until we received followup call saying they couldn't do the deal at that price. No deal for us.

If I had a good lawyer, we would have owned the unit at the $110,000.00 price. We walked away and will not go back for any sales at Camping World based on the string of similar comments.

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