Camping world katy installed a roadmaster breakmaster braking system. A fuse in that system burned out.

When replacing it I found that they had put a 10 amp fuse where a 25 amp was required. Check your fuses if you had a brake system installed there. This was a 3 day install that took 3 weeks to complete. They would call me to tell me they were having a problem, I would make a phone call to the manufacturer for the solution, call them back with the solution within minutes.

Did not do any good. Probably just had too many jobs going and just stalled or just did not know what they were doing or some of both. Had a battery drain issue they said they fixed but did not. This all started around jan.

2013 and went on for a better part of that year.

Cannot say things are better but I am not about to find out. It's been said by others that quality of work depends on who they hired that week.

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