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Bought a new Kodiak 29TQB from Jax, Fl.First trip out roof leaked.

Brought it back and they said they fixed it. Second trip out still leaked and got in the front end cap and wrapped it. They have had it for 5 months and we have had it 2 months. We race motocross and need it every weekend.

I'm out so much money because of this and Camping World could care less. No I'm sorry, what can we do to help, just straight lies and fake promises. I have wasted so much time and money on this it's rediculous. John Schuster from Jax location and Paul from service at St.

Augustine loc. need to find a different profession because the have no idea what they are doing.

Do not buy anything from Camping World, especially if they are gonna treat there customers like this.Wake up Camping World something needs to be done.

Trust me

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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As if Camping World's poor customer service is not enough reason for customers to take their business elsewhere, now CEO Marcus Lemonis is reverse-boycotting its customers inviting them to take their business elsewhere based on their political views.

I, for one, am happy to oblige.


I have never been invited to "don't shop at my business", but I am definitely going to take Lemonis up on his invitation and spread the word.While our experiences with Camping World have been somewhat poor, this vitriol from the CEO seals the deal.

Lemonis is out of touch with the vast majority of RVers. The assumption is that Lemonis, the CEO of a vastly family-oriented business, fully supported the previous occupant of the White House in his initiatives to kill babies, destroy family values, and find ever increasing ways to press more government programs over individual rights. A man is known by his words, but Lemonis wants to "clarify" his words ONLY after getting slammed by them. He wants us to hear between the lines of what he "meant".

How naive does he really think we are? How two-faced can he be? Trump's words did not support or condone any violence. If the tables had been turned in Charlottesville the left would be screaming a different story, and there would be "condoned" violence as seen in Baltimore, etc.

Let us be honest and clear; people, such as Lemonis, only want certain speech and assembly to be free.

The left is the most intolerant of all, and I refuse to do business with those that would seek to support the destruction of anyone's rights.Adios Camping World!


Boycott Camping World.The President of this company threatened to pull all his business from NASCAR if they didn't comply with his demand to not hold events at Trump owned properties.

What an ***!

So this guy must support ILLEGAL immigrants and thinks Trum is a racist for wanting to SECURE our boarders!What a Libtard!


I cannot stand the service at Camping World. Every single time, without fail, I have had something repaired at Camping World (and it doesn't matter which Camping World I take it to all across the country) they break something else on my RV!!!

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