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I anticipated a simple purchase of my first travel trailer. Three months and two bank loan payments later I can finally close the door on this horrible transaction which involved dozens of phone calls on my part and a whole bunch of problems.

Yes, the refund of the duplicate sales tax payment that Camping World intentionally forced me to make (the temp registration was about to run out) finally came in the mail from them yesterday. No more calls to camping world needed now. They acknowledged that they had forgotten to complete the tax paperwork despite several calls on my part to make sure that everything was on track for me to get my permanent registration on time. Their only possible solution three days before temp expiration was that I should make a sales tax payment directly to the state and camping world would immediately refund the tax amount that they had already charged me for.

"Immediately" meant more than one month and involved several phone calls with a variety of excuses. (Payments are slow because we are closing the financial books for the month, etc.) This was just one of a dozen headaches. Over the months I got the feeling that they were incompetent, that their right hand did not know what their left hand was doing, and dare I say, a feeling that these folks are perhaps just money hungry lying crooks. These feeling emerged from such experiences as rescheduled appointments without asking me, charging what I consider to be the addition of hidden costs ($1K in dealer prep costs shown for the first time at contract signing that they just tried to blow by me), contradictory and incorrect information from and between several camping world employees on many things.

Oh, and the only person in our organization that can answer your question is not in today. Their hitch installation cost seemed a little high and so a got a quote from another "camping world" franchise in another state ($800 less - 40%.) When Kingston spent 15 minutes convincing me that the other proposal was just dangerous, I began to wonder about camping world, in general. How could the other camping world sell dangerous setups? Now an independent travel trailer retailer who is doing a little work for me tells me (without me asking) that my hitch set-up is way too heavy for the size of my travel trailer.

If you aren't experienced with "all" of RVing, don't expect these folks to be your friends. I know a lot more than I did three months ago. Good luck with your RVing. Maybe our paths with cross on the road.

By the way, I do love my new travel trailer. Having recently retired, I am having a lot of fun (unless I pass a camping world on the highway, when I just cringe.) But on the bright side I have received a great education that will help me in future RVing.

Review about: Camping World Rv Part Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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