We are in the process of leaving out-of-state for the summer and needed several mandatory things for our travel trailer. On 5/27/13 we placed on order on-line and received email confirmation that our order had been received and was being processed and ship date would be 5/28/13. On 6/4/13 I contacted the customer service phone number to see about the status on the order and at that time I was informed that a) the order had never completed processing b) that there is no check point between orders placed on-line and processing orders so that customers could be alerted there was a problem and that Camping World supposedly has no idea there is an actual problem until a phone call is received c) that I would have to re-order the entire order again and d) that it would ship as late as 6/6/13 and arrive as late as 6/14/13 and Camping World could not guarantee we would receive our items in time for our 6/15/13 departure.

So for all Camping World consumers, should you place an on-line order PLEASE follow-up with them immediate to ensure your order was received and is being processed.

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