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Camping World has had our RV in for repairs 3 times in the past 6 months. One time for 3 weeks.

We still have the same leak and they caused other items to not work properly. They had it for 3 days this month and only fixed one stove burner. They would not return our calls, Did not mail list of ordered parts as agreed and now that we want to take it somewhere else for warranty work they are threating us.

Also they stole a bag of quarters use for the laundry mat. This last item is petty but this company is nothing but a bunch of liars and theives Beware of using Camping World of Hillsboro, OR

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I to have great complaints with CW. Have had it back three since 1-14-15.

10 days for parts has resolved into 4 months with some not done yet. Last time we sat all day waiting for final visit for repairs only to discover not one thing had been addressed at the end of the day. Report of this given to us by the service mgr. Trusting the GM on the purchase process, he cheated of $ 3,000.

If you carefully read the good reports filed about CW, you will probably believe as i do, they were written by CW employees. Can't we all file a class action against CW.


I don't think anything good can come from any of the locations from what I've read so far. I'm near Boston and couldn't even get someone from the service department on the phone at the Berkeley, MA location.

I called several times. So I called the one in New Hampshire just to see if I could get anyone on the phone from that location.

They did answer, but when I explained what I wanted as far as the repair goes (well wasn't even a repair, just a window gasket replacement) they didn't sound too confident that they'd be able to do it. Seems that something like that should be a piece of cake...the way the promote themselves on their site, just short of being able to walk on water.


THIS PLACE is so bad, and the service is s bad we will take them to court shortly.

Mirror Pond

Amen! I too was swindled by the service department.

I had scraped the A/C unit and being stranded 150 miles from home, chose Camping World to diagnose and repair the unit. They called me and said that it needed to be replaced at a cost of $2,900. A couple of days later they said the replacement unit would take weeks and that they had a comparable unit in stock - only the part number would be different.

Ten days later I went to pick up the RV and trusting them and being anxious to get home, I paid the bill and signed the work order without really reading it.

Once I discovered that the "comparable" unit was not low-profile, was noisier than the original, and did not have a heat pump, I reread the paperwork. They did not return the damaged unit, nor did they show it to me. When we called a couple of days later and asked for the old A/C, they said that it had been sent to scrap (of course) - it probably wasn't destroyed at all. Their replacement has no brand name, no statement that it is new or used, no serial number, no warranty and a vague "multiple codes used" for labor or $1,737.80.

READ and don't sign the following impossible statement: "I/we the undersigned, acknowledge the foregoing as factual and I/we hereby acknowledge receipt of the completed work order. I/we have inspected my/our vehicle and have examined the work done. I/we confirm that the work has been completed to my/our satisfaction" I was not offered the opportunity to inspect. How would I climb on top and find out that I had been scammed?

I'm not a mechanic. Until someone either sues them for misrepresentation or the Justice Department of Oregon tightens up business ethics in the RV world, this sleazy organization will continue to rip off unsuspecting RV owners.


Camping World has had our camper for 3 week now and was told it would be fixed by July 4, today is July 11 still do camper. CAMPER WORLD IN NORTH LITTLE ROCK IS A BAD PLACE TO DO BUSINESS WITH.


Don't expect anything GOOD from the North Little Rock, Arkansas store as far as service! All they have a lot of is EXCUSES.

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE - I should have asked my 10-year old grandson to make our needed repairs!

I have never experienced such POOR service. I feel a lawsuit coming on.


Lesson learned... won't use these guys again.

Camping World Columbia, SC. It turns out, if you have anything you want repaired under warranty, you better expect to wait. So if it is something simple, don't take it in. Better yet, do not buy from them. You can get a better deal at privately owned dealers. You may have to take care of the repairs yourself and deal with all the warranty on your own but you at least know when it is really getting fixed.

It's been 3 weeks on a repair that I was told would take three days.

BE WARNED... don't buy from them.


I agree with ggb_8661. i work at an RV repair facility.

someone goes and gets angry with me or my staff. it's all based on the situation. most of the time it's the customers demands that are not reasonable. once all the warranty items are figured out in the 1st year it's usually good sailing from there on out.

and like in a previous post. who takes their rv into the shop 4 days before you're supposed to leave on a 3 week vacation.


Are you really going to blame the manufacturer for your inadequate repair skills?????? Camping World has the absolute worst service dept anywhere.

Hands Down the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of working with. :(

to jab Vancouver, Washington, United States #711335

So you are saying service techs should rebuild and design your rv for you? And for what?

Free? You can have wings put on it if you want but you will have to pay for it.

Are you people aware service techs work mostly on your vehicles for free with warranty? They aren't compensated for 50% or more of the repair...the diagnosis


caulking a pipe is NOT a profesional fix!!!! if they where to caulk it and it where to leak a year later you would be on here complaining tha all the did was caulk it!

give me a break, you cant talk about how you jimmy rigged it for 36 dollars and expect to pay that for a profesional fix that they have to guarantee!!! :cry


Camping World tried to pull a fast one on me. But I was on to them.

I took my trialer in for a simple replacement of septic tank valves and one plumbing pipe that needed to be glued back on. Their quote for our fix was almost $900, said I needed all new plumbing and tanks, and they could not get to it for two weeks. I knew that was not a fair deal and left. My husband fixed the pipe (calking) and replaced the old valves in less than an hour for $36.

When I went back to complain about their deception I was assured that it was an oversight, an accident, and that I would never have been charged the $900 for that fix. Don't you ever believe that! I am still waiting for the apology call that I was told I would get.

LADIES, Do not trust Fife, Washington location. :eek


Did any of you ever think that you are nit picky?? Do you also remember that Camping World does not build these units they just sell and service them.

With them only servicing them they are at the mercy of the manufacturers.

So if the manufacturer says no Camping World can not repair it for free!!! Also remember it is a Camper not the Taj Mahal!!!!


I'm not an advocate of Camping World either but, knowing how many people have Internet access I believe it's criminal to insinuate that "this company is nothing but a bunch of liars and thieves." It's fine to say that while your RV was there for repairs that at some point you realized that some quarters were missing...

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