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I'd been to Camping World a few times in the last month with my wife, while looking for upgrades to my Jeep, in order to prepare it for towing. First of all, there were about 20 employees standing/walking around, but no one even asked whether we needed help or not, even when I'm standing in front of them trying to get their attention.

I was inquiring about a removable brush guard and a load leveler, but I kept getting referred to someone else. No one seemed to know what they were talking about. In the middle of the conversation, they'd suddenly walk away and start talking with someone else, or check on something and never return. Another man (kid) was looking up information on the computer and then walked away.

In all this time, about two hours, no one else bothered to ask what we were waiting for. At least four times, we got a reply, like " that's so and so's job... he's helping someone else," or " he's in the back." After inquiring as to whether their brush guards would fit, I was informed they don't even make them for a vehicle. Later, I googled it and found several removal brush guards, exactly what I need.

I did order the load leveles from Camper World and had them install it. They said it would take an hour or so. Later in the day, I received a call from the service tech with some questions about the installation. And, later so, since I wasn't notified my Jeep was ready, I called and no one answered the phone.

I called again, the next morning and a service manager said he was surprised no one called me to let me know it was ready. I also pointed out, that they did not apply my membership discount on the purchase price. After, several earlier complaints, this was the first time I received an apology. All said and done, after receiving my Jeep, it now has a serious vibration in the rear end.

When I examined underside of the Jeep, I couldn't find the source of the vibration. But, I did notice they had stripped the nut on the low end of my shock absorber, probably from using a crescent wrench instead of a socket. Now, I'll have to drive the Jeep back to Camping World again, with my wife following, so we can drop it off to have it looked at.

All in all, we can't understand how this place even stay's in business, if you can call it that. They'll never see our business again.

Review about: Camping World Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #877923

As I understand through some research load levelers often result in a stiffer suspension and thereby cause increased vibration from the road. I always do extensive reasearch on anything I add to my vehicle so I know what to expect in the finished product. In addition from what I understand camping world is actually three or four different companies (sales, retail, service and good sam) and they don't work as one.

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