Consumers, count yourselves lucky....at least you don't work for Camping World. The service you get is a direct result of the way this company treats its employees.

The CEO, Marcus Lemonis, is WAY more concerned with becoming a movie star and filling his pockets than with anything to do with his employees. He has a new REALITY SHOW ON TV where he claims to be "saving the American Dream". He takes failing businesses and "saves" them by finding "customers" and "investors". In one episode, he tries to "save" a failing used car business.

In another he tries to "save" a failing eco friendly cleaner business...want to know what happens behind the scenes?? Try this....Good Sam Club and Camping World (the business he is CEO of and should be paying attention to instead of trying to be a celebrity) now, ALL OF A SUDDEN is in the CAR business AND all of a sudden carries the ECO-ME brand!! That's right, those INVESTORS & BUYERS, are actually Camping World employees who are forced to appear on the show as "investors and clients" to buy the products!! So now Camping World is stuck with an entire line of ECO-ME product that won't sell....that's the part no one is seeing here.

"Saving the American Dream"??? Really? Ask HIS employees about their American Dream. There has been a "freeze" on raises and bonuses at CW for YEARS!!

That's right folks YEARS!!!!

CW has no annual review (he doesn't see the need for them since he has no intention of rewarding good work and has actually REMOVED HUMAN RESOURCES FROM SOME OF HIS OFFICES), no annual raise, no bonuses, no 401K match, and crappy insurance. Seems to all the employees here at CW, the only one getting the American Dream here is Marcus!!!

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I agree 1000! Lemonis is a fraud.

I also am an employee and it amuses me as to he waste camping world money on all of these *** products in which he then brings into the stores and can't sell it for his "250%" margin!

ANYONE who shops at camping world is getting hosed! Walmart and Local RV dealerships get the SAME parts for HALF the price… PAY RAISES AND HIRES ARE CURRENTLY FROZEN AT CAMPING WORLD GOING INTO PEAK SEASON>>>> ***

Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #797131

everything you are saying is true....Marcus cares nothing about us. even holding our spiffs for a month so none of us could pay our bills and then when we did get it we were all paying late fees on past due bills and some spiffs just weren't payed........Marcus takes care of Marcus and no one else.

we now have a hiring freeze right before the season starts. good ole marcus work us harder with less people so he can afford his pitiful tv show


Thank you Mr.Lemonis for your comment.


This is fortunately not how most employees feel. I have been employed since 2005 and have always got a paycheck and every year it has grown. Can't say that about my friends who work for other RV stores.

to RV guy Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #797142

Right! :upset you must be living in a different country then or lieing

to RV guy Littleton, Colorado, United States #799664

RV Guy... do your homework, this company sucks.

does one work for Freedom Roads or Camping World, Inc?

FR is the service side and they take care of people, CWI does nothing for them.

everything that started this thread is true.

you wanna be in shock. do a search for "I hate camping world" find the thread about Golden, CO and the experiences there by an employee who was assaulted 3 times and eventually got released from CW for making a report.

there are no HR departments, hence what created this entire scenario. there is no one in place to check and balance the behavior of people - and local management does nothing.

the people who have been there the longest are the laziest and have a huge attitude.

for what you some kind of special being for selling a Good Scam memebershit to people of 65 who can figure out if they actually need it or not. well played Marcus, scamming the seniors of our country.

you really are a greedy s.o.b. this is a Failing Brand and eventually they will be closing stores.

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