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I ordered a grill and never recieved the grill. I called to ask where my grill was, they said the grill was damamged and they were sending it back.

They neglected to call me and tell me this. I then told them to keep the grill just give me my money back. The agreed to give me my money back in two to three business days. 3 business days came and went, yet the order was processed so they had to re-refund me my money.

2 Weeks later my bank account is charged another time for this same grill. After calling customer service they tell me they are sending me the grill again. I told I never ordered this grill and did not want the grill. They told me the grill is on it's way and I have to go through the motions to canel the order once the grill arrives.

They will not give me my money back until they get the grill back. Once they have it they can take all the time they want give me my money back on my order.

I strongly suggest you order from another company. I have never had problems with a company like the ones I am having now.

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