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Terrible experience at two different locations.

We had a bad experience at two different Camping World locations. After reading other reviews online, it seems like our experience is quite common.

First – Hillsboro location:

We got an estimate for hitching work that needed to be done to our truck and then negotiated a good deal the trailer that we wanted. The day before we were to take delivery, the truck work estimate increased by 40%. They hadn’t even seen the truck yet, so there is no reason for the increase except that they may have been trying to recoup some money they didn’t make since I had negotiated a very good price on the trailer. We walked away.

Second experience – Portland location:

I’d negotiated a good price on a trailer with my salesman via email before coming into the dealership. All was well until we were ready to finalize the deal and they sprung extra charges on us. $1100 for delivery and inspection plus another $995 in freight fees - an extra $2000 in fees on an $11,000 trailer. Fortunately I had the email from my salesman that stated the total cost they’d advertised was the ‘out the door’ price – no other fees. The manager begrudgingly said he’d sell the trailer for what the saleman told me, but I think that is only because I had that in writing. He spent a good bit of time explaining that they have fine print at the bottom of all their sale pages online that mentions these fees. So, expect the extra fees at the end, and get your deal in writing before you get there.

I called the day before we were to take delivery to see if the agreed upon repairs had been made. Not one of them had been done. They said the tech couldn’t see the biggest problem we’d pointed out (outside storage door not sealing/closing properly). I would have happily explained if someone had just called me during the two weeks they had the trailer supposedly doing the requested work. Or they could have asked our salesman, since he was there when we pointed it out. We walked away from this sale as well.

We won’t be doing any business with Camping World, in any location, ever. My time is too valuable to deal with this shady behavior. The integrity of the companies that I do business with is important to me. I can't imagine dealing with this company on warranty issues or repairs if we had purchased from them.

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I just bought a new Kodiak from Camping World and the tech somehow left a faucet open and flooded the whole trailer. The smell is awful and I am fighting with them for three weeks now to replace this RV-I don't trust that it won't rot or mold.

I've even left messages for Marcus Lemonis and no call back-just some other salesman.

I am beside myself-they all talk down to me I guess because I am a woman I'm not sure. Beware buying from them.

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