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We took our camper in on March 8th for some repairs which should be covered under our extended warranty. It is now May 5th and our camper is still not repaired nor is it likely to be repaired for sometime.

Camping World has used every excuse in the world why it has not been repaired. When we dropped it off the service writer estimated it would be repaired in three to four weeks. We gave them four weeks, but when we called we could never get anyone to return our calls for a week and when they did they said that the service writer that we talked to no longer worked there and that nothing had been done to our camper and that another service person would be in contact with us. We had to contact Corp.

to get them to call , when Ashley does call she is not much help. The customer service person a Corp. said he has a hard time getting her to call him back.

This tells me that there is a lack of management from the top down. We hope that we do not have give up our summer camp hosting job because of the bad service from Camping World of Fayetteville N.C.

Review about: Camping World Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Omg .. are you kidding..!

It should never come to that .. and excuse me when you pay a whopping $ 3000 more for a freaking warranty it should not matter if it is catastrophic.. what has happened to honestly and integrity., we’ve been dealing with phone calls and promises and even good ole lying .. and pathetic not good..

I will never ever buy anything from them. There has not been even one person who has been helpful..

from the one who answers the phone to the service department to the managers.. shame on them


Extended warranties normally only benefit the issuing company. You must not think of extended warranties in the same vein as factory or manufacturer's warranty ; think more along the lines of catastrophic event insurance with the same result often expected from an insurance company : delay and deny.

You have also failed to complain properly ; nowhere do you state that you issued a formal written complaint served via Certified Mail return receipt requested. You must establish a legally verifiable timeline of your case.

Unfortunately, so far all you have done is the least effective action possible : calls. Correspondence of a verbal nature vanishes like a puff of steam in the wind and is as about as useful in resolving complaints.

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