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It doesn't matter what Camping World I go in it seems as though they all seem to have issues. I never saw such a high employee to customer ratio.

One would think with this high employee to customer ratio that the service would be good. IT IS NOT, at least that is my experience being in several. OK, today for example, I texted a picture of a propane tank wire issue to a Service Advisor twice last week and then spoke to him twice concerning work and a serious concern I had for work just done there. May I also inform the reader of this blog that I had to make an appointment 1 week in advance for a 4 hour job and they still took two weeks to the day to complete this work I still have a concern about.

This is on a New RV that is under Warranty. Anyway, I never heard back from this Service Advisor. When I called Monday Morning the Manager informed me that this Service Advisor was now on Vacation and I would have to drive this Motorhome to them to get my question answered. So I drove to the dealership taking two hours out of my schedule to ask about m concern.

The Service Advisor , who has no control over the shop, was told by the Tech that in order for him to look at my RV they would have to move it back to the Shop area. An inconvenience for me as I informed them of another appointment I had prior to making my appointment with them. I was at Camping World for an hour waiting on some Tech to answer my question. I then , after they moved my RV back to the shop area waited another 30 minutes then showed a picture from my cell phone to the Service Advisor addressing my concern.

he took my cell phone back to the shop and came back out and did not answer my question or my concern for safety. His answer was "ALL RVs ARE LIKE THAT" ?????? What a waste of a morning. I still do not feel safe with this situation as it may be a serious hazardous situation.

I am at the point where even though this is a brand new RV I have only one option left. Ant that is to sell this BRAND NEW RV that has only the miles put on it to drive back and forth to Camping World 4 times and still I do not feel safe in it. The Service Departments in these Camping Worlds are the worst I have ever encountered. This one in particular.

Five Service people behind a desk just one customer , ME, and I left the store in frustration one more time. I guarantee for the last time. Every time I go to this store either the one I spoke to or the one I am suppose to speak to is on vacation or no longer works there. Seems as though a very high employee turn over.

This in itself speaks for this company. The store clerks are not much better. Several of these people standing around looking at each other all day yet when you ask them something they just give you a blank stare. Again, I was the only one in the store when it opened with at least 10 employees doing nothing.

No one seems to know anything or has been trained properly to know anything about RVs. Is this a business or a cult? I have never seen a business like this. My advice to anyone reading this is to stay away from these stores unless absolutely necessary .

If you need repairs on your RV find an independent service provider. It just seems like something is getting lost in this World called Camping World when it comes to Customer satisfaction. They are not equipped and or trained as Franchised Dealers are in the Automotive Industry when it comes to Service. OH, I apologize there was one other person that came in the store and seemed to leave angry.

I did over hear that brief conversation with the Service Advisor. It was a very similar conversation I had with the Service Advisor when my coach was in the shop for 2 weeks for the 4 hour repair. This customer was informed that they received the wrong parts and it would be another week for him to get his Coach back. You see they had ordered the wrong parts not once not twice but three times before they got the right ones and as mentioned I have serious issue as to there work and never received a satisfactory answer to my question.

If you are stuck on the Road get towed to the next service center, if you need RV supplies go on Ebay and plan ahead. The new RV salesman are horrible but they are every where. You are stuck with this when you buy a new Coach. I am looking forward now to selling my brand new 2017 RV with a few miles on it as it was only driven back and forth to the dealer for repairs .

I am sure I am going to lose tens of thousands but the good news is I will never have to deal with the likes of Camping World. Thank You Camping World for being one of the contributing factors in destroying the number one thing on my bucket list to see the US in an RV. Buying a new RV was one of the worst decisions I ever made. The money lost on this could have gone to several pleasant Vacations.

This experience with Camping World was not a pleasant one.

I am going to look in the rear view mirror on this venture and once I sell my RV will never EVER own one again. AGAIN, THANK YOU CAMPING WORLD

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

I didn't like: Customer service representative, Service.

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Redding, California, United States #1198128

Same bad service here at Camping World in Anderson, Ca. We purchased a new travel trailer in April on the first trip out we found some minor things that needed repaired, one of these being if we had a compentant person when we did the walk thru it would have been discovered then.

Since June to present they have had out unit over a month and half and absolutely nothing done to it. First time in said they were waiting on on 8/10 said they are waiting on parts theses are the same parts that apparently they were waiting on in June. No one ever returns phone calls, we wish that we had read these reviews before we purchased from them. they have taken the excitement away from the purchase of our first new RV, if we could afford it we would get rid of it and get another from some where else.

Having a bad service dept. it also makes it look bad for the maker of the RV.

I am ready to get the trailer and park it in Front of Camping World Anderson with a sign on it that says it is a Lemon and the service dept stinks. Thanks Camping workd for nothing.

Orlando, Florida, United States #1197257

I hear you. Camping world is a horrible place.

How did they stay in business all these years? I guess from over charging customers. They are a rip off. I have to agree buy on ebay.

Camping world has a 300 percent mark up from other suppliers. I no longer shop there unless absolutely necessary. DEFINITELY will not get my RV serviced at a Camping World.

Had similar experience.

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