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My parents are full time RVers. They took it back to the place they bought it, Richmond Camping World, to have the rotting slide floors replaced and a motor replaced that CW had put in wrong last year.

They were told it wasn't safe to move the RV the way the motor was situated. After weeks of arguing as to whether or not they would even do the work, they agreed. It was going to be 2 weeks. Delay, delay, delay.

My parents contacted the corporate offices and suddenly their camper was fixable. They fired the person it was assigned to. Then the supplier sent the wrong part. They finally received the right part, but it didn't fit right, so they had to cut it down to size (what?).

Finally ready...after 8 weeks. Thankfully, we live nearby and they were able to stay with us. I cannot imagine the financial issues this could have caused if we were not here. Finally...pick-up day.

The slide will not come out all of the way. Long story short...Supplier sent the wrong part a second time. Instead of fixing the issue, they cut it down to fit as well as it would. The shop fiddled with it a bit and it is good enough that my folks are going to take it down south and get it actually fixed by a trusted shop.

When my folks asked how it happened, Mom said that she felt talked down to as if she wasn't smart enough to understand. Completely unacceptable. Mom and Dad come north for 4 months a year.

This year, their camper never left Camping World May through Sept. They lost out on their annual camping trip with their grandsons, 2 trips with friends that they've camped with for decades....all because Camping World couldn't get their stuff together.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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