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I purchased a travel trailer from Camping World on Music Valley Drive in Nashville at the end of July. I signed the papers on a Friday and went back on Sunday to get my walk through and pick it up.

I was told there was a broken part that needed to be replaced. I left the trailer on the lot for them to order the part and do the repair prior to pick up. I waited until the next Friday and called my salesman, Jamie, to get an update. My salesman said he would find out and call me later that day.

I never got a call back. I called in on Monday for a status. My salesman had Nicholas call me. He said the part was mis-ordered and that he would get the part reordered and get me a status by the end of the day.

No call back. I filed a complaint with the corporate HQ via internet. Tuesday, I called the store manager, Julie. Julie says she will find out what is happening and get back to me.

Later I get a call from Shawn. He says he is going to be my POC and keep me informed and that he will get the straight story and call me back by the end of the day. I asked if he had talked to Julie and he said he didn't know she and I had talked. Julie calls back says there was a mistake with ordering the part, that she will get it straightened out and call me on Thursday.

Shawn never called me back. Wednesday I get an email from Julie confirming she'll call Thursday. Later Shawn calls and tells me the part is ordered and will arrive in about a week. I asked him to look into overnighting the part.

Thursday Julie calls to tell me the part is ordered with overnight shipping and it will be here on Friday and that I should be able to pick up my trailer not later than Saturday. I got no call Friday, Saturday or Sunday. By now I'm in regular email traffic with Corporate because that is the only thing getting me any response from the dealership. Monday Shawn calls me after corporate pokes him and he tells me the part was not ordered until Friday and should arrive Wednesday.

Tuesday he calls to tell me the part is there, will be installed and I can pick up the trailer later that day. I postponed the pick up because I was going to see my new great grandbaby. I did not get a call later on Tuesday or on Wednesday to confirm the trailer was repaired and ready for pick up. Again I sent an email to Corporate asking for help and explaining the lack of contact from the dealership.

I get called by Roger on Thursday morning telling me the repair is complete and I can come pick up the trailer. I gave them enough time to clean the trailer. My wife and I went through another walk through, we hooked up and left. Almost everyone in the dealership was happy to lie about what was going on during the two and a half weeks and when things would happen.

Nobody took responsibility for my purchase and me as a customer to keep me informed and make sure everything was progressing. I was repeatedly lied to and abandoned by most everyone I talked to in the dealership.

I will never spend another penny with Camping World and will drive two or three states away if I have to so I don't have to deal with anyone in this dealership ever again. Its not the time that it took to get my trailer to me, its the way these people made me feel like their lunch pizza was more important that taking care of someone making a major purchase.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I work there rember the customers all is true

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