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Update by user May 23

I arrive at Camping World and they get a few techs right out on it. Amazing how fast they are to work on things when it's an escalation issue.

Tech adjusts the trim so that it doesn't catch and does a pretty good job with the parts in the condition they were in. Says he will get Chris the service manager to order the seal to be replaced as the one I have is now shredded on the inside. *It's been a week and I have yet to hear from him so I doubt I'll be getting this replaced. Also now I notice the slide "Saggs" when it is out now.

I'm at my wit's end.

Lucky me that Forest River was able to extend my warranty by 6 months due to this issue but unlucky to me that Camping World is the only place within decent distance that does the warranty work. For now I guess I'll just use the RV in the condition it is in as I have some important trips planned.

Update by user May 23

RV has now been cleaned and here were the issues I had with the service Warranty work that they took 6 months+ to fix: 1. Kitchen counter seal coming loose.

Invoice says removed entire kitchen counter and replace! Yet the seal issue was never fixed. They brought it back to work on quickly when detailing it and did yet again another poor job. Seal came loose when I got home.

2. Fix outdoor speaker and back door lock which appears so far to be done well. 3. Main issue: Fix Slide Rubber Seal.

-They informed me that the entire slide needed removed for this repair. The seal had been replaced but I noticed an interior seal was now hanging and not attached. They had the service Foreman look at this work and he "quickly" fixed it. We moved the slide out and in and it was pretty jerky.

I don't remember it being that jerky in the past but it did go out and in. I took the trailer home and moved the slide out again and found that the rubber seal was now Pulling out with the slide! Tearing and coming loose. I also noticed the slide side rail was extremely scratched.

I looked at where the seal and the rail we're near and it was all catching on the trim. Shredded the metal! As though the slide was put in crooked. Also noticed they had not tightened the cable adjusters and so the cables again we're loose and poorly aligned with everything.

I moved in the slide and it was catching real bad and the entire slide made some loud bang noises. I called Chris back and he said to bring it in the next day and they would fix this in the parking lot!

I expressed that it would need parts ordered but he shrugged that off like it wasn't going to happen. See next review for what happens next.

Update by user May 23

Arrived at Camping World to pickup my Trailer and I noticed that they had it out front and we're anticipating my arrival. I was very excited until I walked over to my trailer.

Filthy and neglected is the best I could describe it! It was as though it had been off-roaded in the desert. Mud on the tires, dirt all over the outside and a huge tumbleweed under the axel. I felt lied to and was very concerned that the work was done in a professional manner considering it was being delivered to me in this fashion.

Chris was on-site and acted of surprise that the RV wasn't clean. We went into the RV and it was just as bad. Sawdust and dirt all over the floor, the leather seats and everywhere! Very unprofessional!

Chris did bring back the trailer right away to get it cleaned and they actually did a decent job but it was an extra hour that I wasn't planning on. See next review on how the service of the RV went.

Update by user May 23

After posting this original review did I finally get some action from Camping World. Chris the Service Manager called me to express his sincere apology and informed me that he was going to get my trailer fixed and correct parts ordered.

It took about a week and he was done with it. Chris was extremely excited that they had fixed the seal issue and the other issues I had reported and needless to say so was I! He expressed that he would inspect the work, detail and clean the RV and make sure I was completely satisfied. I gave him another few days to get this done and scheduled a time to pickup the RV.

You won't believe what happened the day of the pickup! See next review.

Original review posted by user Apr 23

I purchased an RV from camping world about 2 years ago and didn't have the best experience with getting service done on it. Very slow and the customer service was poor to say the least.

Our family has grown and we decided last year to get a bigger RV from Mike Virden's RV instead of buying through Camping World due to the problems we had on our previous purchase. We then found that the 2nd RV that we had bought can only be serviced under warranty by Camping World. Very irritating. Needless to say now this RV has been at Camping World since October of 2017 and I have only been able to use it 1 time with my family.

I'm now on my 3rd service advisor and again being told that the wrong part has been ordered for the RV (2nd time). I purchased the Trailer in April of 2017 and so once I get it back (IF I get it back) will it be out of warranty.

This is very unacceptable considering I am a previous customer of Camping World and being treated this way.

I will stay far far away from Camping World and any dealers of there products in the future. Lesson Learned!

Review about: Camping World Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Location.

I didn't like: No communication, Negligence, Work completed unsatisfactory, Lied to us, Work took an extremely long time.

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