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Amazingly bad service and customer care at Camping World

We used Camping World for a mass of work on our newly purchased RV, our experience left us with an EXCEPTIONALLY bad taste, here is a précis of what happened: Having booked it in we left a written list, we also backed this up with emails confirming various matters so all was clear, what transpired was a joke. They charged for lots of work that was not done and when challenged they asked for proof & pictures, and despite the fact that within minutes of asking for it it was sent to them, they then refused to comment and asked for time to respond, they never did, except to say they would not be making any allowances at all, but that was after 5 months. When they called to say the unit was ready for collection as our driver was there to pick it up and despite the fact that we had told them we would need the information in advance to arrange payment, the call came in just before the store was due to close, they asked for payment, the trouble was they had no idea what the cost was!! We called them back after half an hour, they still did not know, they actually expected us to give them our credit card details and leave them to it!! After another half an hour we called again and they had a list of the work, it came to over $15,000.00. On checking through the list many items had been duplicated and after many arguments so they could go home and we could get our RV back they settled at a figure of $13,000.00+. The problem was that when we got our RV back it was a mess, apart from the obvious signs that they had not serviced the boilers as they were covered in soot and the screws were seized to get the covers off when we checked, they had installed a brand new fridge, this had been put in without any care and sliced through the main wiring loom from main support feet on the base of the fridge. Camping World caused a host of damage and charged for work not done, but despite sending them proof and offering them to appoint an independent inspection they totally ignored all of it. We referred all of this to their HQ in Bowling Green via a lady called Jean Sewell who is in charge of customer relations. At no time have we received any compensation from Camping World nor have we received an explanation for the delays of over 5 months, they did keep saying sorry, but sorry without any further action is worthless. In the end we have had to take this to our credit card company Bank of America to try and get some of our losses back. Our experience with Camping World is less than favourable and we are seeking our losses back which are in excess of $8,000.00 from the credit card company as Camping World just refuse to deal with it. Would I go back to them ever again, the answer is a definite NO, use them to buy parts perhaps but certainly not for work as there is no use relying on them to put matters right when you have a legitimate complaint with overwhelming proof in your favour. Over 5 months is far too long to leave a customer hanging on whilst they wait for you to get your act together, and then to admit nothing and offer nothing sums up their customer care. If Camping World do not like what we have written, then sue me, we have all the proof we need in a Court of law. If you do use Camping World, be vigilant and check every little job they do with great care. As a final point, the work they did was not checked afterwards as if they had they would have noticed that as soon as you switched the main battery on it all shorted out where it had cut through the wiring loom, therefore nothing worked!! Other things like telling us the generator needed work when it would not start was down to the fact that the RV had less than a quarter of a tank of fuel, so it would never start, something an *** would know, but they still charged us an hours labour for that and I told them in the end why it would not start before that they wanted to strip the Gen set!! If you want to see pictures and see the emails, more than happy to supply them.
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I would really like to beable to get my hands on the proof you have if you dont mind? I am in the middle of being 3 months of screwed up with camper world and my insurance company.

it was someone's fault now i have damages that i have to fight someone for to pay.....

please get in touch with me. my e-mail is


Just an update on the problem with this store at Camping World. After intervention by the regional Director Frank Crum we resolved the situation, I have to say that Frank Crum was a totally different story than all the others I had dealt with, I think he was genuinely sorry and took steps to correct the matter and I am sure to ensure that the staff at the store in question got what they deserved.

I am now satisfied that with Franks help we have solved it all finally, perhaps others of you should contact Mr Crum, we got there in the end, I can only hope you do as well. Should not have happened, but at least it is now sorted, good luck to you all.


Camping World is a joke and any retard should have no problem getting a job there...


Dear User, you are defending poor customer service. Yes, the customer IS THAT IMPORTANT - treating them as less than that will cause them not to use you in the future & word will get around that you are not a good company to do business with. It seems that the people who think they can treat others poorly are the same ones sit around and wonder why the world treats them so unfair.


I too have had the same bad experiences with Camping World and their so called Service Dept. Trust Me, you could hire a couple high school kids with no experience, Blind, deaf, and only 1 hand and you would be better off than using camping world....STAY AWAY....and save yourself hundreds if not thousands of Dollars and a whole lot of Headaches. BAD Company.


So if you say jump, is Camping World suppose to say how high? Did you ever think Camping World deals with tons of people every day and 300 phone calls a day?

Sometimes the service rep may have a customer standing in front of them, and lemme guess they should ignore that customer and answer your phone call because you are that important!! Maybe you should stop pointing with your finger and start pointing with your thumb!!!


Responded to there add to sell my RV. I took the time to fill out the form and sent it in.

Never a reply. I sent them a note telling them that they lack customer service and thanked them as I know they are a company I do not want any further dealings with.


I have to agree with you on CW's bad service and customer care. We purchased our first TT from them and were very disappointed.

We have contacted Jean Sewell also but all we have are I'm sorry's but no compensation.

They are ignoring us. They don't care about the customer at all

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Camping World in Gallatin, Tennessee - Insurance company had to pay twice to get my roof repaired properly.

After a headliner carpet was replaced due to water damage, the water spots returned. My insurance carrier referred me to another repair facility in another state. They discovered that Camping World had replaced the headliner. However they did not repair the underlying cause . . . a leaking roof! I gave Camping World a second chance. They replaced my worn out carpet with a vinyl tile floor. It looked great, but they covered a floor register for the furnace! On the same job, they broke and replaced a TV. And as I drove down the Hwy, the wood frame which conceals the wiring for the new TV fell on me as I was driving, nearly causing a wreck. And when my interior lights failed, I found out that there was a burnt wire in the wall that was improperly installed and nearly caused a fire! Don't go near Camping World if you value your RV, not to mention your life.
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Camping World in Yankton, South Dakota - Would not honor warranty

Our full slide on our 38V has not worked right since we've owned it. It's been in the shop more than on the road. They would not honor the warranty on this slide. What good is the warranty if you can't use it? Everytime we take it out the slide messes up. It is a 2008 and we haven't beeen able to use it like we want to. I would really think the first year should have been covered 100%, but his has been ongoing with the slide problem. We bought it from Camping World in Council Bluffs and have not been satisifeed with our warranty work.
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Consumer Protection Atty

The phone number to our law firm is 888-350-3931.

Consumer Protection Atty

Please call my law firm at (888) 350-3931 about your potential Camping World extended warranty fraud claim. Our law firm website is We are investigating their extended warranty plan program...

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Camping World in Rochester, New York - Customers aren't important/prices are OUTRAGEOUS!

We attended the Camping World Indy Car Grand Prix at Watkins Glen this past weekend. Prior to going, we needed an additional propane hose similar to one I had just purchased at Walmart fo $18.99. It was $32.99 at Camping World. A quick look at the shelves showed a similar markup for other items I'd ordered through or bought at Walmart. So, back to Walmart we went. We arrive at the Glen on Thursday to find that our site is across a one lane road from the Camping World "guest/employee" reserved camping area. Not a problem at this point, but I do notice that they are all "living in" stock units for the weekend. So the trailer with the big sign marked "One Owner - Nice & Clean" didn't anywhere also say "Let a bunch of race fans live in it for the weekend." I'm pretty sure that won't be on the disclosure sheet for the sale. So YUCK! That's definitely against my rules. There's also a very nice rule at the Glen that quiet hours are from 11pm to 6am - this includes the use of generators. Obviously the Camping World folks didn't believe the rules applied to them -- "THE SPONSORS" of the race. Right across from our spot, they backed in a loud refrigerated diesel truck and let it run 24/7. At 11pm the first night, my husband nicely asked them to turn it off. They chose to ignore him. At midnight, I was in their face screaming, as only a mother with children who can't get to sleep can do, to TURN OFF THE *---* TRUCK! The Camping World employee, though drunk, was trying to humor me, until Mark arrived and boy did it get ugly. Guy told Mark he was "the *---* sponsor of the race." I thought for sure he was going to take a swing at my husband. They ended up moving the truck about 50 yards farther away, but still ran it all night. The next day we went to Glen Security who assured us they'd take care of it, they had a spot for Camping World that had a guard on it all night where they were supposed to leave their stuff. At 11:30pm the next night I hear one Camping World person say to another "We have to turn that truck off or move it." The other responded "Let's wait to see if security comes by again." Nice...glad to hear the rules apply to everyone BUT Camping World.
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I to go to the races and I think you're being over dramatic. Many many times I've been woken up by generators, noisy neighbors and the like.

Employees of companies are people just like you, after hours they are entitled to an adult beverage. Did you consider the "refrigerated" truck needs to run?

If you don't like the price of "similar" items, by all means keep shopping at Walmart. But I agree with the other commentor, go to the woods if you want peace and quiet.


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry you are at a race! Not ronald mcdonald land!

where would like the employees to stay... in tents??? they have lots of used rvs on their lot!

im sure they clean them up after just like when they thake them in on trade!! :cry :cry :cry :cry

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Camping World in Knoxville, Tennessee - Purchase of 2003 Allegro

Used 2003 Allegro MH was purchased, found Dash AC would not work. Piece of Mind Pledge, does not cover Dash AC, however, it was very evident that this condition existed, when purchased, with no mention to us. Returned when found, approximately 30 days later and was told sorry, but for $1700+ we can repair. Problem, we feel this condition existed and was known at the time of purchase and that repairs should be made. We feel that Camping World, Chattanooga, Tn was more concerned with the sale of a unit, than, creating good will among customers. I waited almost 12 hours, when I returned the unit, with no real concern shown.
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Don't waste your time at Camping World, Chattanooga,TN.

I was passed on to many so called sales people to get info on a used unit they had for sale.First off, the receptionists are air heads, I was disconnected 3 times before I got someone to talk to. Of course that person didn't know a thing about the motorhome I was interested in.

One guy I asked I wanted to know the engine size, and he said it looks like a 300 Cummins, he was just guessing. How did these *** get these jobs. I could a *** of a lot better than just guessing.

And their ad says PICTURES COMMING SOON. I have been waiting for over 2 weeks for pictures to appear, and nothing yet.

What the *** do people do at this dealer? Sit around and pick their noses?

This dealer, Camping World of Chattanooga,TN sure as *** doesn't seem like they don't want to sell anything. Probably too much work for these ***.

I have reported them to the BBB 4 times already.

Hope people read the reviews and don't do any business with theses jerks. :( :( :(


My wife and I purchased a 2007 raptor from Matt. At first he seems like a nice ambitious guy.

He will lie to you while looking you in the eye. I was lucky. Nashville camping world fixed his lies. He said he installed new batteries and filled propane tanks.

He didn't. He also said the gen was out of gas but it was gummed up. Matt should be fired. Again Matt is this punks name.

Beware of Matt in Chattanooga. If his mouth is open he's lying.


did the sale sticker say used "as-is" or used "Warranty"? people always crack me up with the their "Im the victom" when they buy a used vehicle that clearly states as is no warranty.

if u want a guarntee buy new or buy an extended warranty that covers EVERYTHING! or test somthing like that on ur test drive!


Some people still trust what they're being told camping world is not a small corner car lot


I purchased an RV from there too and the salesperson was very upfront with what was covered by the POM. Matter of fact he even mentioned that's why all the sheets names the covered parts to prevent confusion

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Camping World in Seattle, Washington - Auburn Poulsbo RV Ripped Me Off!!!

Auburn Poulsbo RV is famous for giving people the run around, giving poor service and ripping people off!!! I found this out only after I went in and rescued my 5th wheel from them. I can only hope that you find this out before you fall victim to their shady tactics. The service is poor and the salesmen I dealt with,,,, Stan and Bruce are out and out liars. Don't have anything repaired there. They fix things so you have to bring it back again. They supposedly did a multi-point inspection. They supposedly repaired the hot water tank. If they did anything, it was done incorrectily. They were supposed fix the hot water tank. When I got it home, it didn't work. I called around and took it to Camping World in Tacoma. That was also a huge mistake. They replaced the entire tank and installed the "one way" valve wrong. They also hooked my RV up to city water with out the pressure reducer and blew several lines. Now when I hook city water with the reducer to the RV, water pours out the fresh water tank inlet. This has been absolute madness. No one will accept responsibility for their actions.
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Oh boo hoo!

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