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Camping world charged $1,900 for repairs and didn't deliver

I contaced camping world and made arrangements to have the generator fixed, have a satelite receiver installed and a few other issues, before our 3 week vacation. We scheduled for the Motor Home to go in 4 days before our vacation started. We were told there should be no problem getting it taken care of, in fact they would have it done in two days. On the morning of the second day I received a call telling me the generator needed a starter, and they would call me right back with an estimate. Later that afternoon I received a call telling me it would probably be best if I took the Motorhome to the generator dealer and have them fix it. Because the generator dealer could not get to it for two weeks I called Camping World back and told them they would need to complete the repairs. They told me they couldn't do it until the next week. I finally insisted that awas not acceptable. I then got a call back saying they would install the starter the following day, (now the third day). They also then informed me that they could not program the Satelite receiver they had just installed, (and charged $119 just to plug it in). Camping world said the unit would be done by the end of the day on the third day. We arrived to pick it up 20 minutes before closing and it was not done. They said it was taking longer and they still needed about 45 minutes and wanted to finish the next day. I refused because we were already late in leaving for our trip. They reluctantly agreed to keep working and finished up in about an hour. Two of the additional items we asked them to do, were to fix the refrigerator, it was not cooling on gas, and to install a trailer brake controller. When we hooked up our trailer we discovered the brake controller was not working. On the second day of our trip the refrigerator was just barely cool. We stopped by on our way out of town and they fixed the brake controller. They told us they could look at the refrigerator for nearly 2 weeks and it didn't matter to them that they had just worked on it. Then they told us that if a RV refrigerator lights but doesn't cool enough the only option is to replace it. Earlier this same person told me the purpose of my inverter was to convert 110v A/C to 12v DC. By the way after paying around $500 to have the generator fixed, it won't start again. I did call the customer service number for Camping World Headquarters. They told me someone would check into the situation and call me back. It has been more than a week and no call yet. I paid $1,900 for the repairs, my refrigerator still doesn't work, the dash air isn't cooling again, I had to call the satelite dish manufacturer and spend about 15 minutes on the phone with them to program the dish (camping world refused to make that call), my generator won't start. I WILL NEVER DARKEN THE DOOR OF A CAMPING WORLD LOCATION ANYWHERE.
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Camping World in Rochester, New York - Lied, horrible service, wont fix an identified problem that they lied existed!

Where to start? Camping World Churchville, NY - HORRIBLE. We were told to steer clear and we found the used camper we were looking for and bought it anyway. Our pick up was horrible!!! They could care less about your time, your expense or what you want. After we got the pick up squared away we realize a week or so later they gave us the wrong hitch and sway bars. They were not strong enough to carry our camper!!! If my husband was not an engineer we may never have figured that out! I have three small children and they could have cared less for our safety. They changed them after we called every other camping world in the area to check that we were right. We also asked is there was water damage due to a red flag on the side and were told no. When my husband went up on top we noticed about 20 feet fb bubbling. After much complaining they came and picked it up. I told them we had a trip planned but they didn't look at it until the day before. Then they told us they were not fixing the damage. What??? We have had this camper 6 weeks and you sold us a badly damaged camper and lied when we asked you a direct question. They don't return phone calls and are frankly very poor business people. We are suing these people for fraud on our purchase. Stand behind your product!!! Absolutely disgraceful. STAY AWAY!!!
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We have had the misfortune of having to deal with these @$$holes ourselves. I'm tired of the run around and have contacted the Missouri Attorney General for Camping World in Grain Valley.

All of them are shady....and no...they don't return e-mails or phone calls. They are rude and inconsiderate. They don't care about you.

I will be applauding when they go under, because they will. Word travels fast and if enough people get a hold of the attorney general to stand beside them.....Camping world will sink right to the bottom of their *** hole mess.

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Camping World Ripped Me Off

I took my RV in for repairs. Furnace wasn't working, some lights needed replacing, a roof vent needed parts, elect. ignition for fridge wasn't working right. First they left many of the replaced light parts all over inside RV. Didn't actually repair the roof vent, but charged for it. Broke the regulator off my LP tank. Charged parts and labor for the furnace which still blows out the gas on the fridge and still will not light - not sure if I got the parts. There were other things I wanted updated, but they said the RV was too old and parts couldn't be found -- I found them easily online. Like many others, I will never go back and will steer everyone I know away from them. I got a few lights replaced, a couple of vent covers and not much else for almost 900 dollars. I contacted the corporate office where they apologized and said it would be referred to the regional office, of course there was no reply. This year I will have a portable electric heater if needed and will find a reputable repair shop to get it fixed.
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Has anyone taken them to Small Claims court? I am going to.


I brought a 2015 montana from camping world in knoxville in dec. they have not even regestor this camper with keystone and now i having to spent my time to get it regestor so i can get some work done on it. i will not recommend thid company to anybody and i will NOT buy another camper from them Camping world in panama city is helping to get the work done and if they dont get eveerything done i will write a reveiw on them.



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Camping World in Boise, Idaho - 2010 Keystone Cougar.Sold us a lemon.

In June of 2010, we purchased a Keystone Cougar 5th wheel 28ft. We bought a lemon. Camping World, whom we bought the 5th wheel has had our RV more then we have. Broken pipes, leaking in the bathroom, broken awning, broken shades broken air conditioner. We have had to cancel camping trips because of the service, and have continually gotten the run around. They have accused us of doing these break downs. We have talked to many people who have complaints with their Keystone products because of breakages and bad service. Their main excuse is ordering parts. It has taken as long as 3 months to have been able to bring our 5th wheel home. Right now it is in the shop for 3 weeks and we just got a phone call that it will now be the end of the month. So much for camping on July 4th.
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We finally gave up on our 2010 Keystone Cougar bunk house and traded it in. What a nightmare that camper turned out to be.

Of all our purchases, none are regretted as much as that camper. Light fixtures that leak into the walls, broken water lines, pipes, water fixtures and so much more.

Our wood trim falling off, toilet couldn't hold water, and brackets that broke constantly.

This past year, we have talked to many Keystone Cougar owners and they all too complained of similar problems but Keystone keeps insisting 'no one else is having trouble'.

Worst camper we have ever owned.


Keystone Cougar is a top of the line RV. I own one and am very happy with it.

As for your local Camping World repair shop I cannot comment. The Boise store is great to deal with.


@Matt - that's not "a bunch of ***". If the roof A/C is under warranty, a no-charge replacement has to come from the manufacturer - RV Products if it's a "Coleman" badged unit, or Dometic. A service center can't just bill them for a new A/C, and Dutchmen does not administer the warranty on roof A/C units (or other appliances).


I am having a very similar problem with my 2011 Coleman CTS225 Trailer. They were supposed to fix a vibration in the AC that was causing a reverb in the rear push out.

They replaced the squire cage and somehow managed to make the AC fully non-functional then told me they needed to get a clearance from Coleman to replace it. They finally called me two days later and said they were waiting on a whole new unit as they could not install one of the new ones they had on hand. What a bunch of ***. They have had my trailer 5 weeks out of the 7 that I have owned it.

I am praying that they mess up and actually fix my trailer so that I never have to go back there again. I WILL NEVER EVER Buy anything from them again (the salesman issue is a whole nother story that I wont go into here).

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Beware of Camping World repair service

Camping World has had our RV in for repairs 3 times in the past 6 months. One time for 3 weeks. We still have the same leak and they caused other items to not work properly. They had it for 3 days this month and only fixed one stove burner. They would not return our calls, Did not mail list of ordered parts as agreed and now that we want to take it somewhere else for warranty work they are threating us. Also they stole a bag of quarters use for the laundry mat. This last item is petty but this company is nothing but a bunch of liars and theives Beware of using Camping World of Hillsboro, OR
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I to have great complaints with CW. Have had it back three since 1-14-15.

10 days for parts has resolved into 4 months with some not done yet. Last time we sat all day waiting for final visit for repairs only to discover not one thing had been addressed at the end of the day. Report of this given to us by the service mgr. Trusting the GM on the purchase process, he cheated of $ 3,000.

If you carefully read the good reports filed about CW, you will probably believe as i do, they were written by CW employees. Can't we all file a class action against CW.


I don't think anything good can come from any of the locations from what I've read so far. I'm near Boston and couldn't even get someone from the service department on the phone at the Berkeley, MA location.

I called several times. So I called the one in New Hampshire just to see if I could get anyone on the phone from that location.

They did answer, but when I explained what I wanted as far as the repair goes (well wasn't even a repair, just a window gasket replacement) they didn't sound too confident that they'd be able to do it. Seems that something like that should be a piece of cake...the way the promote themselves on their site, just short of being able to walk on water.


THIS PLACE is so bad, and the service is s bad we will take them to court shortly.

Mirror Pond

Amen! I too was swindled by the service department.

I had scraped the A/C unit and being stranded 150 miles from home, chose Camping World to diagnose and repair the unit. They called me and said that it needed to be replaced at a cost of $2,900. A couple of days later they said the replacement unit would take weeks and that they had a comparable unit in stock - only the part number would be different.

Ten days later I went to pick up the RV and trusting them and being anxious to get home, I paid the bill and signed the work order without really reading it.

Once I discovered that the "comparable" unit was not low-profile, was noisier than the original, and did not have a heat pump, I reread the paperwork. They did not return the damaged unit, nor did they show it to me. When we called a couple of days later and asked for the old A/C, they said that it had been sent to scrap (of course) - it probably wasn't destroyed at all. Their replacement has no brand name, no statement that it is new or used, no serial number, no warranty and a vague "multiple codes used" for labor or $1,737.80.

READ and don't sign the following impossible statement: "I/we the undersigned, acknowledge the foregoing as factual and I/we hereby acknowledge receipt of the completed work order. I/we have inspected my/our vehicle and have examined the work done. I/we confirm that the work has been completed to my/our satisfaction" I was not offered the opportunity to inspect. How would I climb on top and find out that I had been scammed?

I'm not a mechanic. Until someone either sues them for misrepresentation or the Justice Department of Oregon tightens up business ethics in the RV world, this sleazy organization will continue to rip off unsuspecting RV owners.


Camping World has had our camper for 3 week now and was told it would be fixed by July 4, today is July 11 still do camper. CAMPER WORLD IN NORTH LITTLE ROCK IS A BAD PLACE TO DO BUSINESS WITH.


Don't expect anything GOOD from the North Little Rock, Arkansas store as far as service! All they have a lot of is EXCUSES.

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE - I should have asked my 10-year old grandson to make our needed repairs!

I have never experienced such POOR service. I feel a lawsuit coming on.


Lesson learned... won't use these guys again.

Camping World Columbia, SC. It turns out, if you have anything you want repaired under warranty, you better expect to wait. So if it is something simple, don't take it in. Better yet, do not buy from them. You can get a better deal at privately owned dealers. You may have to take care of the repairs yourself and deal with all the warranty on your own but you at least know when it is really getting fixed.

It's been 3 weeks on a repair that I was told would take three days.

BE WARNED... don't buy from them.


I agree with ggb_8661. i work at an RV repair facility.

someone goes and gets angry with me or my staff. it's all based on the situation. most of the time it's the customers demands that are not reasonable. once all the warranty items are figured out in the 1st year it's usually good sailing from there on out.

and like in a previous post. who takes their rv into the shop 4 days before you're supposed to leave on a 3 week vacation.


Are you really going to blame the manufacturer for your inadequate repair skills?????? Camping World has the absolute worst service dept anywhere.

Hands Down the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of working with. :(


So you are saying service techs should rebuild and design your rv for you? And for what?

Free? You can have wings put on it if you want but you will have to pay for it.

Are you people aware service techs work mostly on your vehicles for free with warranty? They aren't compensated for 50% or more of the repair...the diagnosis


caulking a pipe is NOT a profesional fix!!!! if they where to caulk it and it where to leak a year later you would be on here complaining tha all the did was caulk it!

give me a break, you cant talk about how you jimmy rigged it for 36 dollars and expect to pay that for a profesional fix that they have to guarantee!!! :cry


Camping World tried to pull a fast one on me. But I was on to them.

I took my trialer in for a simple replacement of septic tank valves and one plumbing pipe that needed to be glued back on. Their quote for our fix was almost $900, said I needed all new plumbing and tanks, and they could not get to it for two weeks. I knew that was not a fair deal and left. My husband fixed the pipe (calking) and replaced the old valves in less than an hour for $36.

When I went back to complain about their deception I was assured that it was an oversight, an accident, and that I would never have been charged the $900 for that fix. Don't you ever believe that! I am still waiting for the apology call that I was told I would get.

LADIES, Do not trust Fife, Washington location. :eek


Did any of you ever think that you are nit picky?? Do you also remember that Camping World does not build these units they just sell and service them.

With them only servicing them they are at the mercy of the manufacturers.

So if the manufacturer says no Camping World can not repair it for free!!! Also remember it is a Camper not the Taj Mahal!!!!


I'm not an advocate of Camping World either but, knowing how many people have Internet access I believe it's criminal to insinuate that "this company is nothing but a bunch of liars and thieves." It's fine to say that while your RV was there for repairs that at some point you realized that some quarters were missing...

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Camping World in Dallas, Georgia - Poor Service

We purchased a New Fifth Wheel RV at Camping World, Woodstock 5 months ago. Once I got home I discovered they had wrongly connected my lights, and under inflated the tires. On my next trip I when pass their business and they reluctantly corrected both. Later I reported multiple defects in workmanship to them. My RV has been at their place of business half of the time I've owned it, once they contacted me to tell me all work was complete I picked it up and they informed me that only part of the items would be corrected under warranty and in addition I discovered they damage the exterior fiberglass and scratched my corian counter-tops. Their customer service and quality control is some of the worst I've seen. I will no longer do business with them.
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Sorry, I am not a pissed customer. I have found Camping World in Hillsboro, Oregon to be a very reputable firm.

Their repairs have always been as requested and have always notified me if there was an additional problem. Recently I had my Allegro unit in for maintenance and received a call about a cracked roof cover on the shower. They quoted a price for the repair and offered to have me come by and take a look before proceeding.

In closing I have been a long term customer and have just not had the issues that I am seeing on this website. By the way, did any of you actually sit down with their regional service manager to disscus your issues or were you dealing with their tech only?


I'm having problems with them to, i took my trailer in for service on July 1, 2011. Was told they would call in 10 to 12 days, i waited till the 21st to call them and they said o just pulled it in the shop, yah right?

So we talk about the price, i said it should still be under warrinty, thay said he was going to call me back, havent heard from them, so i guess im going to have to call them.

Man if i would have knowen it was going to be this much trouble i would have NEVER taken it in, and this is the second time. I will never buy anything again from CAMPINGWOLD WOODSTOCK!!!!!!


I have had the same experience with them at this very same dealership. I also had a liar for a salesman who told me the camper had options that it in fact does not have, and then complained and whined and cried about me not wanting to give him $3,000 more than the trailer was worth.

I will NEVER EVER do business with them again. I wish I would have found all these complaints about them prior to purchasing from them.

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Scared of Camping World

After our short experience with Camping World and reading reviews here I know my instincts to stay clear of these folks is spot on. We were headed home when discovered our windshield wipers had quit working and the ususal things we could check (fuses etc) did not work. Coming thru Little Rock, AR and stopped at the Camping World there. It was 3:30 pm (they are open till 6 pm and the service dept till 5 pm). The man at the desk just looked at us with a smirk on his face and said 'well it's almost time for us to close, come back tomarrow'. He then turned and walked away. Told my husband 'let's get out of here'. We just drove on home after checking weather and no rain in forcast. Told him I was not impressed with their 'don't give a *** attitude'.
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Camping World - Rating=a big fat zero! What a bunch of scammers!

They list a low-ball price on the internet and then when you get to the store the prices are 25% higher! When we complained about this deceptive practice they offered to sell us the items for the internet price but then added cost of shipping had we bought the items from the web-site and had them shipped to us.

What a bunch of crooks! Avoid Camping World!!!


All you campers are just a bunch of whiners


No. No whiners. This company is the worst.


Ask them when you go ther if all the techs are RVIA certified. Less than half are.

Google "camping world complaints". It may scare you. Shoot, go on and then into the forums. The site is actually soon erred by camping world but search out "camping world" topics in the forums and you will see all the horror stories.

From the previous post, "If you're going to try to talk down about a company, you should check spelling and punctuation in your reviews. It makes you look like an uneducated ***.

Camping World does exquisite work and takes care of the customer above all else". Sounds like one of their employees posting on here if you ask me


If you're going to try to talk down about a company, you should check spelling and punctuation in your reviews. It makes you look like an uneducated ***.

Camping World does exquisite work and takes care of the customer above all else. Camping World has hours to keep so that their employees can get home to their families. They also have other appointments to contend with and can't always take you in at any time of day.

Just because you are a "potential" customer does not mean the world revolves around you. So have some consideration about other people.

@I Love Camping World!!



I will give you this info incase you are sincere. It was Monday afternoon Jan 24th. We were in a disel pusher. I had remember seeing the camping world from the interstate coming thru N Little Rock in the past so called info on my cell to get the number. Was told when called, open till 6 pm and service dept till 5 pm.

The man at the counter was slim built think he had a mustache. There was another employee, female close by behind the counter too. She just looked at him and us then looked away in disinterest in the conversation.

My husband is a retired firefighter I am a nurse we are in our late 50's. We went back out and called our oldest son who lives in Georgia. He looked up the weather on the internet for us and looked like the front had moved on out early so we went on. We're from Tennessee.

We did tell the man behind the counter that we were concerned about rain and just wondered if someone could take a quick look and tell us if was something they would have parts for to fix the next day. If so then we would have stayed in N Little Rock and let them fix it the next day. But after he quickly dismissed us we left.


We are extremely embarrassed and sorry for your experience with Camping World in N. Little Rock.

This is not our policy!!Please contact me directly. I would love the opportunity talk with you!!!

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Camping World mis-diagnosed and overcharged

I took my 1998 Pleasure Way (Dodge van conversion) into the Rocklin, CA Camping World service dept on Oct 1, 2010, and requested the following service: 1. Service the generator (oil change and air filter). I also mentioned that the generator was not turning on from the remote switch in the cab, and that it had not been serviced in a long time and was likely very dirty. 2. Repair a cracked drain under the kitchen sink 3. Passenger side mirror has play, see if it can be tightened to stay in place while driving. The service person said they could not service the generator if it would not start, and that there would be charge of $175 to diagnose the generator problem. I asked if that fee would apply if the generator could be started simply by resetting a circuit breaker. He did not know but a service supervisor finally agreed that there would not be a diagnostic charge if the problem were simply a fuse or a reset. I repeated for the service supervisor that the generator had not been serviced in a long time and asked him to see if it could be started without using the remote switch, per the Onan owner's manual. Later, I received a telephone call from the service desk advising that the generator service had been completed (evidently they did get it started), and that the switch problem DID require a diagnosis and that the problem had been traced to circuit board that would not take the remote start signal. He said it would be necessary to remove and reinstall the generator to replace a circuit board. The estimate for the circuit board was $244.44 and the labor estimate to remove the generator and replace the board was $325.00. He said it would take about four business days to get the board. I was away from my home state and could not spare the time to wait for the generator repair, so told them not to order the circuit board; I would have the repair done back in Colorado. He said the broken drain could be repaired with a flexible tube, but they could not get to it for several days, so I declined to have that done. The estimate to repair the line was $60 for parts and $250 for labor. They did not know how to tighten the mirror. He also reported that a rear spring was cracked and recommended that springs on both sides be replaced, but suggested that it be done by a Dodge service department. (The work estimate that I received when I picked up the vehicle referred to a "collapsed suspension leaf spring"). When I picked up the RV the bill came to $436.49 for the generator diagnosis, service, and included a $125 charge for the broken drain. I pointed out that the drain had not been repaired. The desk clerk tried to make me believe that I owed the $125 for a diagnosis. I pointed out that I had looked under the van before bringing it in for service and the leak was exactly where I had described. He called in a service supervisor who agreed to remove the $125 charge as they had only looked at and verified that the drain pipe was cracked. The final bill was $320. I drove part way home and at the first stop flipped the remote generator switch and it started right up. I have tested it numerous times since then and it starts every time, so there is evidently nothing wrong with the circuit card. Had I been able to stay in Sacramento for several more days, I would have paid hundreds of dollars for work that was not needed. I learned later while discussing this problem with a fellow RV owner that a known characteristic of the Onan generator in the Pleasure Way van is that if the auxiliary battery is low, the generator remote start does not work. All that was needed was to drive a few miles to charge the battery and it worked normally. When I got home I had my local mechanic put the van on a lift and three people made close inspection of all the springs, front and back, finding NO EVIDENCE of a cracked spring, nor were they collapsed more than normal for the weight of the vehicle. I bought two pieces of flex hose and a small section of PVC pipe at the hardware store for about $10.00 and repaired the drain myself; it took 1 1/2 hours working on a crawler in my driveway. It would take less time in a garage with a lift where one could move around more easily. In summary: The service at the Rocklin Camping World was expensive and grossly incompetent at best, and possibly fraudulent. Given that Camping World describes itself as an Onan qualified repair shop, I suspect the latter. I paid $175 for an unnecessary diagnosis. I paid $145 for service that amounted to an oil change, air filter and new spark plug in the generator; this is about twice what the same service would cost at my local garage.
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I am thinking about taking my motorhome there for a complete RV check-up, now I have a second thought after reading all these negative experiences shared here.

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Camping World in Canton, Ohio - Sirpilla RV's Rude Dude = No Sale

I recently went to Sirpilla RV in Akron OH and asked to test drive a class C RV to see if I could handle it. I was hoping to buy one at the RV show this winter, assuming I could drive/park/back it. The man, no gentleman, on duty asked if I was buying today and I explained what I wanted to do. He told me he couldn't leave the desk in case a real customer came in to buy. I told him he just lost a sale because I had passed 2 Rv dealers on my way to his. Fortunately, Camping World has mail order, because this firm has their store on premises, and I won't go back even for that. Camping World never responded to my complaint about him. So Beware!!!
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My wife and I had a similar rude salesman. Condescending, rude and treated us like we were ***.

His name was 'Mark' and I hope his boss reads this. He was more interested in playing his game on his computer than coming out on the showroom floor and asking if we needed anything. We wanted to look at a cougar and he only had 3 of which my wife did not like the floor plans and neither did I. He stated "his time was valuable and he would just get us some brochures".

He left us out on the lot by ourselves and went back inside to play his computer games. BIG MISTAKE. We WERE ready to buy, had the title to our other camper that was in supposedly getting serviced (another horror story)that we were going to trade in on a new one. This ignorant, lazy man should be observed by his manager.

Maybe he WAS the manager. Oh well, they lost our business and Camping World is losing another used to be loyal customer. Their service department absolutely is filled with incompetent people who are unable to communicate, are rude, looking down their noses and treating you like you are *** when YOU say that YOU KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS and then they try to side track you with extra fees for BS.

I will NEVBR go back there again.

#215064 Review #215064 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Camping World poor customer care

I have had nothing but poor customer care by the Camping world in Lakewood NJ. They sold me a extended warranty for $4,000. and when I need it it was a joke , They charged me to just look at the unit. Fifty dollars before they would even summit it to warranty company, and come to find out guess who owns the warranty company yup Camping world. And when you call to talk to someone in service forget it , They never get back to you and you always get a answering machine. I for one would never spend a dollar in camping world again never. I will travel out of my way to buy my motor home stuff elsewhere
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Horrendous customer service. Service manager does not realize when someone spends 100k they do not want sarcasm on top of poor workmanship.


Pete from Camping world was the best very responsive


It's so true


I agree, camping world said my slide out system had to be replaced both motors and rail system from lippert. Said it would take three weeks for parts at a cost of 1,400.00.

after three week I went back to see the progress, and guess what they didn't even order parts. I pulled the trailer out and decided to do the work myself, it turned out to be just a motor that cost only 249.00 ordered parts over the net.

one week.

So I will never use them for service, very dishonest, also being connected to Good Sam club I will not deal with them either.



same here. Literally took RV off the lot in March 2015 and have been able to use it ONCE!!!

They have had it over 30 days and have to drive there (over an hour) to talk to someone because they are supposedly overwhelmed!

No one calls back EVER! I think it's time to talk to a lawyer!!!


The worst customer service I've ever encountered. They will tell you it will take 2-3 days for them to look at it and give you a call.

No call. We call them and they say it's 4-5 days and deny telling us only 2-3. Then 10 days out, no one will take our call.

Leave a message and no one returns your call. How do they get away with this and still have customers ?


DO NOT BUY HERE! Once you purchase something, they don't know who you are.

Camping world does not return calls, Stephanie from service will tell you she never received your message. we've had dozens of warranty issues that are not being fixed. they lie to you and tell you they never received your message and will not pick up a phone. they've been through dozens of service managers and Stephanie is the worst.

She lied right to our faces and will not fix warranty issues, she is unprofessional and argumentative. go somewhere else if you want to spend 60,000.00 on a camper and be ignored.


We had the same experience with Stefanie. She is extremely unprofessional, nasty, and incompetent.

Their entire service department is a joke. I'd advise everyone to steer clear of Camping World.

My experience there was one of the worst in my life. Terrible customer service.


We are going through our nightmare with Stephanie and the service department right now. I am just livid!

They were sweet as can be while we were purchasing our travel trailer and now you cannot get them on the phone. They take weeks to get back to you but only after you have called them again and again....the repair work is not the quality that you would expect. Then you have to fight with them to get things redone"..that's if they will. Their warranties are a waste of money.

We all spend tons of money to make happy vacationing memories and it all goes down the tubes because they leave you so pissed off with a banging headache and all stressed out. We will never deal with them again after this.

Save yourself the aggrivation and buy elsewhere. You will be glad you did.


Absolutely. Had a recall rv spent 50 days in shop and what they supposedly fixed didn't work at all even though it work prior to my visit


The service department is HORRIBLE, BUY FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE. They will sell you a RV then treat you like garbage OVER AND OVER AND OVER...


We purchased a Thor Ace 30ft.First it was not ready the day we were to pick it up & we waited 2 hours after appt. We were not happy with the way it was delivered to us.

It was filthy and again we waited for them to clean it.We finally got tired of waiting and had to make another appt. with them. When we brought it back after the 3rd time and after all their excuses it was clean. A few weeks later I was reading an RV magazine and found it was recalled for electrical problem.

I called Campers world in Lakewood and they didn't know anything about it. Now I took this motorhome back initially because it had a leak by the window which we have been complaining about since we purchased it. One of the girls called back today and said it was the roof leaking and that because it is maintenance issue it may not be covered under the Campers World extended warranty (SUPRISE). They said they would email me pictures.

It is now 8 hours later I am and still waiting for pictures. I would never recommend Campers World of Lakewood for anything but closing.Keep in mind we never used this motorhome in the 11 months we have had it.


Having the answering machine problem right now. Been a week and no updates....ugh. :(


Thanks, for this useful info I was looking at purchasing a Winnebago Journey 42e through them in the coming months. Based on the large expenditure and your comments I think I would be better served to go elsewhere. Thanks again


Very poor customer service. No use in getting an appointment for service.They are never on time No explaination as to why.

Waited 45 mins after appt, had to ask why the delay. Told they had to go to parts store for a part for another RV. Why couldn't they tell me that. The New Braunfels store needs some serious customer service training.

No one asks if you need help, they keep talking to each other about personal things. You have to ask if they will help you.

From now on I will go to Keith Whitaker RV sales and Service in New Braunfels and advise others also to use their facility. They are farther in miles from my house, but at least they give good customer service and timely maintenance.


I work at a rv repair facility. Dealing with EXTENDED WARRANTY that's exactly what it is; it is not an extension of the manufactures warranty.

Most of your extended warranties cover major mechanical components. When the sales person is selling you this product they usually use the term "bumper to bumper." That is what throws people off. Also every extended warranty that I deal with has some form of deductible varying from 34-250 depending on what company you use. Camping World does not own their own warranty company.

The underwriters of the policy are Assurant Solutions out of St.

Pete FL. if you have any concern about the warranty call the customer service number @ 1-866-844-2199


We drove 450 miles to Byron Ga. to purchase our dream camper a 2008 Cameo.

Upon arrival it took less than 5 minutes to discover we had been lied to. The campers condition is no where close to what we were led to expect. We asked for and received our deposit back and drove another 450 miles back home very upset and disappointed.

Camping world has let us down hard. Be aware they don't see anything wrong with bending the truth to get your money !


Same boat as Jim above. Paid for my new keystone and it took a week to have it delivered because they were waiting on a minor part to fix a piece of trim.

Part still has not arrived and they delivered it with a flat tire! Now I'm waiting on a tire and the trim piece. They assured me they had both and would send someone to make the repairs, but it turns out they have nietherand they won't arrive till next week. Purchased 9/22/11 and not do to be fixed till10/14/11.

Stay away from Camping World of. Roanoke VA for RV sales


I have had bad service from cmaping world in colfax north carolina.

purchased a 1998 fleetwood Pace arreow Calss A motor home. was told buy sales Rep, he would driv it t to california and never have a problem; Then Sales manager tells me he would go "anywhere" in it.

i paid for Motor home 8/29/2011 it is now 09/12/2011 and HAVE not take delivery of it yet, they say they want to make sure everything is working.

had bad levelers and awaiting parts. you call and no ONE returns phone call about what is going on .

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