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We have four kids who Camping World has taken thousands upon thousands of dollars from. When we bought our brand spanking new Mallard M33 on June 24, 2016 from the dealer in Byron, GA, these kids were ECSTATIC. They were willing to forego an inground pool to get a camper instead.

Our "baby" is a sweet little 8-year-old red-head. She has some serious softball skills and a passion for it. She plays in tournaments every weekend with her travel ball team because she loves it. However, we live in Georgia, and the heat index is easily over 100+ in the summer. The main reason we wanted a camper as parents was to give her (and the rest of us) a reprieve from the heat on tournament weekends.... BUT... we were also looking forward to family getaways on tourney-free weekends.

We loaded up the weekend before the 4th of July and headed to a nearby lake for some fun with our family members who also have campers. Our camper was like a tin box in the desert - or an oven! It would not get/stay cool. The door to the kids' bunk room would not open when they let out the futon/couch into a bed; if they wanted the door shut, they would be TRAPPED in the room. The exhaust fan over the stove quit working 5 minutes after we turned it on. The breaker kept tripping, and we ended up having to put a fan directly in front of it to keep it cool, so it was stop tripping. We made the best of the weekend, and stayed cool by hanging out in our 2 family members' campers that are both SEVERAL YEARS OLDER than our BRAND NEW Mallard. My husband called Camping World in Byron on the 4th of July, as they were open, and he was told they would send a technician out, as we were only 30 minutes or so up the road. After several hours, he called them back and had to leave a message because no one came. Then, the manager called back and said they didn't have the "manpower" to send anyone out.

We took the camper to Camping World early morning July 5th, and it has been there ever since. Every time we talk to the Byron location, they tell us a different day that the AC unit will be in; they're now saying it should be here Wednesday. My husband has been lied to by their staff and by people from the CORPORATE OFFICE on several occasions, and the camper has yet to be fixed. At this point, I believe the only RIGHT thing to do is for them to take the camper back at the EXACT SAME PRICE we paid for it, and let us find a camper at ANOTHER company that COOLS, doesn't present a safety hazard for our kids, doesn't need a fan blowing on the fuse box, with GOOD customer service, ETHICAL business practices, and allows us to ENJOY our family trips and weekend ball tournaments.

That pretty little red-head...? She played in another tournament the past two Saturdays in 100+ degree heat. We cooled her off the best we could with water, cooling cloths, and ice... Sure would've been nice to have a COOL camper to let her rest in- maybe the same one that we will have a payment due on pretty soon that continues to sit in the dealer's service department....

Pretty ticked off wife/mom/consumer right here....

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Heartland Rvs Mallard M33 Rv.

I didn't like: Lack of customer service, Lies.

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thank you for the helpful insight,


Wow we bought our Mallard M33 December 2016. My husband and I just shook our heads when we read your review.

Our exhaust fan went out exactly like yours did the first time we used it. Seems to be an ongoing issue with Heartland. We also are experiencing the same thing you did with the back bunk house. After using multiple fans we decided to put in a portable ac unit in the back window for the kids.

To other readers that are sarcastic. You have no idea what you are talking about... There is NO ventilation in the back bunk room if the door is closed. I prefer to awake in the morning with my children still breathing.

So if you don't know what you are talking about keep your mouth shut. Beware for whats next... because now all of our seals on our sliders are breaking and the leaks are starting.

Very disappointed in Heartland. We also own a Coachman Freelander and I have to agree with this review not worth the 35K we paid.


We are thinking of buying our 1st TT and had picked up a Mallard at camping world in Hendersonville, NC. Thank you for your review very helpful, stoped us from making 2 major mistakes.

Greenville, South Carolina, United States #1203641

We bought a 2017 Mallard M33 the first of August this year. The minute we pulled it off the lot we got a "wiring connection" problem on the 2014 Silverado truck.

Went right back to Camping World. They denied that the camper had any issues and claimed that it was on the truck end. We used the camper one time and it is now back at Camping Word. While we were camping the breaker box kept tripping or the electrical box at the hook up would trip.

We brought it home and after a few days went out to the camper and now there is NO power to the camper and it blew out a TV that we plugged in. Obviously this camper has a ground issue/electrical problem. The camper is now back at Camping World. Told us would be two weeks before they could get to it.

So disappointed!!!

No one expects these issues in a brand new camper.

Richmond, Indiana, United States #1199947

RVs are awesome and great fun. They also have many items that can stop working at any minute.

It is a big frustration to have to wait on any part and unlike cars the parts can take many weeks to get to the dealership. I have been on the frustration end of owning an RV. One thing that I have learned and seen in my travels is this RV is for most of us an entertainment and luxury item. We get so upset because we are a little inconvenienced because somethings are not quite working right.

People stop and think how blessed you are to have that luxury RV.

Think about the little ones that don't even have a roof over their head and are in the heat 24 hrs not just during a 2 hr ball game that they drove to in an air conditioned vehicle. The next time you are complaining about being inconvenienced think about the family that is sitting at the hospital while their sweet 8 yr old red head is laying in a hospital bed and you will realize it's just not that important.

to Anonymous Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1219707

A little inconvenienced you say Anonymous. Try paying thousands of dollars for a brand new unit and watch it sit in the shop for 40 plus days, causing the you to cancel 3 trips. Its unacceptable, not inconvenient.

to Anonymous #1571620

That is the stupidest post I think I have ever read. Good money deserves a good product and good service period. Go hand wring somewhere else.

to b. young #1576294

I have been rving for a few years now what I have learned is that all the have issues. My exhaust fan stopped working.

I researched the problem and bipassed the fuse link ( not required in the us) works great now. My point is that if you own a rolling earthquake you need to be able to fix stuff yourself.

to Pepsbro #1589565

Some people aren't mechanically minded and when we've paid over $30,000 we shouldn't have to be!!

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