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Sent this to Forest River and Camping world and still getting the run around second year in a row:

Dear Mr,

I'm trying to get all the facts straight because T (husband) has talked to so many people and in relaying information to me, it gets a little muddled. I prefer everything in print, which is easier for me to comprehend. So -

I understand our 2014 Cedar Creek is not the only one you are having problems with the front cap fading out. I believe you said there were several more with the same problem. Is that correct?

I also understand that although this is admittedly a manufacturing defect that your company is requiring us to pay for the transport for repair; the recall as you were. As in paying $1800 for you to transport our defective camper to your facility for repair or driving it out ourselves also at our expense. All other companies that discover factory defects send the parts to make the repair to their dealers and it is repaired free of charge to the customer. I'm not understanding what makes Forest River/Cedar Creek exempt from this. Can you explain this to me? Camping World has informed us that campers are delivered to Cedar Falls regularly, so it shouldn't cost you anything to add a cap to the truck on the next delivery or pull our camper back there on their return trip as that truck usually goes back empty, at no cost to us. This is not something that came up after the warranty ran out. This problem was brought to the attention of Camping World last year and we were advised to wait until Spring and bring it in then. Spring is here; the camper is at Camping World; and camping season is on the way. And we are still fighting for what is right.

We have already had our camper back to the factory once for items that apparently Quality Control missed. I won't go into detail as you should have all that information in your files. If not, I would be happy to send you copies of everything that was repaired.

I really wish there was a "Lemon law" for campers as this is truly a "lemon". We still have a very noisy refrigerator so that has not been addressed yet either. Now this problem with the end cap. Where does it end?


Sherry K


This person wrote the review because of damaged or defective of camping world facility from Camping World. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Camping World to "convince forest river to replace our end cap with no charge to us, as this is admittedly a factory defect that is occurring with other cedar creeks as well".

The most disappointing in user's experience was no able to get the cap replaced. Author liked the most finally have someone in customer service willing to help. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Clarksville, Tennessee, United States #1239759

Our 2015 38CK has fading issues on the front and rear caps. We aren't original owners but I still think they should fix it.

A simple google search will result in hits of issues of fading for YEARS! Amazing that the company has done absolutely nothing to prevent this from happening.

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