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In June of 2010, we purchased a Keystone Cougar 5th wheel 28ft. We bought a lemon.

Camping World, whom we bought the 5th wheel has had our RV more then we have. Broken pipes, leaking in the bathroom, broken awning, broken shades broken air conditioner. We have had to cancel camping trips because of the service, and have continually gotten the run around. They have accused us of doing these break downs.

We have talked to many people who have complaints with their Keystone products because of breakages and bad service. Their main excuse is ordering parts. It has taken as long as 3 months to have been able to bring our 5th wheel home.

Right now it is in the shop for 3 weeks and we just got a phone call that it will now be the end of the month. So much for camping on July 4th.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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We finally gave up on our 2010 Keystone Cougar bunk house and traded it in. What a nightmare that camper turned out to be.

Of all our purchases, none are regretted as much as that camper. Light fixtures that leak into the walls, broken water lines, pipes, water fixtures and so much more.

Our wood trim falling off, toilet couldn't hold water, and brackets that broke constantly.

This past year, we have talked to many Keystone Cougar owners and they all too complained of similar problems but Keystone keeps insisting 'no one else is having trouble'.

Worst camper we have ever owned.


Keystone Cougar is a top of the line RV. I own one and am very happy with it.

As for your local Camping World repair shop I cannot comment. The Boise store is great to deal with.


@Matt - that's not "a bunch of ***". If the roof A/C is under warranty, a no-charge replacement has to come from the manufacturer - RV Products if it's a "Coleman" badged unit, or Dometic. A service center can't just bill them for a new A/C, and Dutchmen does not administer the warranty on roof A/C units (or other appliances).


I am having a very similar problem with my 2011 Coleman CTS225 Trailer. They were supposed to fix a vibration in the AC that was causing a reverb in the rear push out.

They replaced the squire cage and somehow managed to make the AC fully non-functional then told me they needed to get a clearance from Coleman to replace it. They finally called me two days later and said they were waiting on a whole new unit as they could not install one of the new ones they had on hand. What a bunch of ***. They have had my trailer 5 weeks out of the 7 that I have owned it.

I am praying that they mess up and actually fix my trailer so that I never have to go back there again. I WILL NEVER EVER Buy anything from them again (the salesman issue is a whole nother story that I wont go into here).

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