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Good evening Erin,

Well where do we begin. I've already wasted more time and effort than I ever wanted to on this giant cluster *** The only thing I think of when i see or even here of camping world is the smell of *** coming out of storage tanks on an rv that was winterized at your facility, let alone a unit I just purchased! Might want to check on all the other units to see if there still full of *** also. I may have gotten a little cranky, but honey just imagine me *** pissed. I'm over this whole thing! You guys dropped the ball and to be honest the whole store should get a complete makeover. I'll be honest you've been a bigger help than that weseal mike, but you still gave me the run around. I totally understand why. Because you are as dumbfounded as i am that this has even come to this. To be honest, Id rather take my 20k cash back, and walk away. I mean cash! Real money, money that was worked for! Im not some *** who fell into cash. I bust my *** and work for this *** up, corrupt system. Ive done my time, I've seen alot. Thats why when I get the run around, Or mike sends the service tech to ask me whats going on this morning. The guy that cleaned house, fired 35 people when was hired. HE WAS THE MAN TO TALK 2! What a *** He couldnt believe his detail team did that, said he was gunna fire people. Said I'll make them sit in there for 6 hrs and clean it for punishment, then I get there at all hours of the morning to still find it sitting there. Would you be upset yet? How about he tells me hes a big shot and to use his name anywhere in the country and he would take care of me. How about he says get it back here and we will have it done today and I end up sleeping in it that night where I left it. This *** blamed the service tech for not locking it up or getting keys. I'm postive mikey just never said anything or gave a *** The service tech and Ashlee are the only 2 that have been helpful. Luckily I have a close friend whos an Attorney, I'm contacting the proper channel's, BBB, Attorney General, etc, etc. Pretty sure im going to channel 9 news tomorrow just so we have a camera crew showing the whole world what a 2nd delivery of an rv looks like. I want copies of any and all paperwork envolved. From the title to the inspection. I want a title search done and i want to talk to the mechanic who went through this originally, just to ask how "they" (gotta b politically correct know days) lives everyday knowing he has no pride in "their" work. Otherwise keep it on the lot. Im done *** around and playing games.If it took only 2 hrs and a test drive in the morning after all this,. Why wasn't it done yesterday? ? Why is it , that almost the same exact time as yeaterday.. when i exploded , probably cause i was hangry did i drop it off and it sat all night with me sleeping in it watching, Protecting my investments, yes investments as in 2. I specifically told that *** mike to take care of that bike and there she sat . Cold and dirty. Which your going to have clean prior to delivery I AM NOT KIDDING with that special ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION SYSTEM, that apparlently can be applied to bug splatter and dirt and grime and still protect the paint. I will not take delivery until you would feel comfortable driving with your family across country and the bike is clean. Should have u pay for the paint i scratched moving the *** thing because 1 again mike said hurry back with it and long story short bike was in back i didn't want to break my back lifting the tailgate and ended up scratching the *** out of 1 yr old paint. So maybe that might add to me being pissed on top of my wife and 3mth old sitting outside cause Mike kept putting that *** finger in my face saying 1 min im with another customer *** Like today. I asked him to look what i have been *** about and he says my manager wants to see me i cant right now. STANDING IN FRONT OF IT. Thats when i said get the *** out of my face before i lay u out. In total disgust. Ill stand in front of a grand jury and tell nothing but the truth. I also have no problem spending the rest of my life telling,and showing the world what a great time at camping world. Can u imagine a rolling billboard driving across the country and sitting in front of the CAMPING WORLD'S NASCAR SERIES hilbilly *** Big banner or maybe spray paint cause i just dont give a *** anymore. Telling everyone to go to my youtube videos showing the *** u send out the door. Honey, i could care less about a detail, or bin door shocks, and what not but just tell me. Tell me for the luv of god. U sent me down the road not knowing where the lights ,mirrors, windshield wiper controls were located. No 1 even walked me out the door 2 say good bye let alone show me where anything was. I figured it out . But imagine??? 60 yr old retired man or especially a WOMAN who TYPICALLY buys such a unit were to walk out blind sided or crushed buy the tailgate know 1 opened .Should we get started on the detailed walk through that i was raved about by Kelly ? Mister I think a ladder apparatus goes here. What a dill hole. IVE GOT A GREAT IDEA.! MAKE THE SERVICE TECH WHO HAS BEEN THE GREATEST IN CHARGE OF THE PLACE, THE 2 GUYS WHO GET STUCK MOVING UNITS AND EMPTYING *** ALL DAY IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING OTHER THAN *** PATROLLERS AND ASHLEE CAN RUN SERVICE, CAUSE APPARENTLY ANY *** CAN RUN CAMPING WORLD . "No disrespect ladies and gentlemen "I'm horrible with names" and Ashlee only cause she gave me her card. Lol. CAMPING WORLD HAS TURNED A DREAM INTO A NIGHTMARE. THANKS. I will never return to your location after 2 jerkoffs try to flex on me. Ill wipe the floors with the both of them. QUOTE END QUOTE. I'll get ahold of 9 news see if they or anyone wants a good story, cause you know we all luv that, in the morning and go from there. Nice neutral location. Warm, lots of lights , camaras, the whole 9, Im gunna turn my frown upside down by showing the world how not to get treated. Again camping world has ruined the beginning of hopefully a great experience. But who knows, NOW EVERYTIME THE THINGS SQUEAKS,CREEKS OR MOANS . Im gunna *** regret the purchase. Maybe ill send Newmar an update also on how there product is being resold. Im not a perfect person nor do I claim to be and I understand the ins and outs. Im not who your use to dealing with. But come the *** on Erin. Youve been there 15 yrs. Do u want ur name on this. I know your better than this, mike on the other hand will always b a weasel. Im not quite sure how the saying goes but its kinda like this. SNITCHES GET STICHES *** U WANNA RAT ME OUT 4 TELLING THE TRUTH. I ONLY TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY IVE BEEN TREATED. INSTEAD OF STICHES LETS JUST GO TO THE MEDIA. 5 yrs in the feds taught me enough to watch what I say. Probably already sad 2 much as it is. Basically camping world sucks. I will not return to your establishment. Find another location. For delivery. Its best for everyone involved especially me. Clearly me saying im upset is an understatement ! I WILL NEVER RETURN TO YOUR ESTABLISHMENT FIND ANOTHER PLACE FOR DELIVERY!!! MAKE SURE U WOULD FEEL LIKE U GOT A GREAT DEAL AND U WOULD DRIVE UR FAMILY ACROSS COUNTRY. REMEBER MY ELITE GOOD SAM GAVE ME A FREE INSPECTION AT ANY CAMPING WORLD AND ONCE I LEAVE SYRACUSE SOMEWHERE I WILL STOP 2 HAVE IT INSPECTED. CAMPING WORLD CAUSED ME TO BE LIKE THIS!!!



Erin u have been kind and helpful thank you.

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On Wed, Nov 28, 2018 at 7:41 AM, Erin McClure wrote:

Good morning Jeff-are you up?

Erin McClure

Delivery Coordinator

Camping World Of Syracuse

7030 Interstate Island Rd

Syracuse, NY 13209



Reason of review: Paid for paint protection and was never applied to the " whole unit" 2x. Waiting on 3rd.

Preferred solution: Fix it before I do. I'm done with this *** hole.

I liked: Being repeatedly lied to, Have a water bowl for my pit.

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