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I have been camping since I was an infant - I am now 45 and it is my horrific experience with Camping World that has ended one of my favorite past time.. I had hope to pass along this tradition to my 2 young children but I have to waive the white flag and finally surrender...Camping World, you win - I give up.

I purchased a new 2015 Keystone Summerland 32 weeks ago and have only had it in my possession for 3 of those weeks - I have made 9 trips to the dealership. There are not enough characters in this box to tell everything that went wrong and the absolute follies of the staff at the Fairfield, OH location. I honestly believe if I listed the issues no one would believe it and it may undermine the credibility of this site. People, Process and Product is what the CEO touts...I don't know the man and he may very well believe he has all 3 or perhaps his vision and judgment is clouded by the 1.3 billion in sales.

They must be doing something right to have that kind of revenue right - compare them to the substandard products and service from your local dollar store and it makes sense.

The problem is - that everyone on this site has spent more than $1 and has higher expectations - not unreasonable expectations...just expectations.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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Write or call Keystone and advice them of the issues and the problems with your dealer. They should recommend another repair facility that will accommodate you properly and hopefully log the complaint about the dealer.

Consistent complaints about the same dealer in large quantities may resolve camping world of being an authorized dealer. Unfortunately the best way to win against corporate greed and poor customer service is through monetary value.

to Anonymous #1147510

Camping world in Fairfield has horrible customer service!! Took our camper in for estimate on a repair.

They had it for over a week and never called us.

We called and left messages to see what was going on. When we told the lady at desk that no one was calling us back she got nasty with us and said "there is only one guy working in that dept." I am sorry but not my problem..I will NEVER use them again nor refer them to anyone!!!

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