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Went to Rossford Campings told thought might would trade in my travel trailer talked with RJ had a 2016 at a good price told him my credit was OK not poor checked it before I went can get financed elsewhere if I want but wanted to give them a chance once they heard that was like I had a disease RJ said he would call me next day cause finance person was busy never heard back I called him and left message no return call talked with him later said... Read more

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Hi, I just want to start off with the troubles that Camping World in Greenwood and for that matter all locations there Service Departments is a joke on how they operate and bringing people in for service and you wait around for weeks to get in and that goes for all Dealerships then they get put off for weeks and when you call it's hard to get an answer or if you do it's filled with lies and I've talked to people were there unit had been there... Read more

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Worst place to have service done. Sceduling a month ahead means nothing to them.

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Purchased a used fifth wheel toy hauler in Dec 2015 from Camping World in Saukville, WI. We were told it was in perfect condition and had all needed repairs completed. THIS WAS A COMPLETE AND TOTAL LIE. Have had it in 5 times for repair and it is still not right. Their service people lie on the repair tickets when they say repairs have been completed. Store Manager, Service Manager refuse to return phone calls or answer emails. This seems to be... Read more

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Wow does the head of Camping World read these?? Well here is my complaint. We purchased a New 2016 Jayco at Camping World of Hendersonville/Asheville NC back in Sept. We had only had it a couple weeks when we found it had a leak in the back slide out. Took it in to get fixed. Took 3 weeks to get back. Had a problem with the levels that do not auto level, took in they took couple weeks, they still do not work correctly. Had a problem with door... Read more

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I have found that the Service Department Camping World of St Augustine keeps an incompent work force. Without a lot of words Igive a brief description. Purchaes a new camper in 2014? Mentioned the seat back of the dinnete area appeared to have a problem. Issue appeared to be improved went on trip for about a month. Returned same issue with backrest seat on dinnette. The service dept. was to address the problem. Well after two years of very... Read more

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Last week I needed some propane before leaving town. We pulled in at 3:55pm with one customer ahead of us. When the guy in front of us was finished he pulled forward for us to get in. The kid working there walked away and went inside the building and did not return, so after 5 minutes I went in to see what was up. The girl at the counter told me they do not sell propane after 4pm, I informed her I was sitting in line waiting my turn for service... Read more

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Myself and several other employees left Camping World when we could no longer take the Management bullying and stupidity. Personally Marcus Lemonis and Regional *** Kevin Bostrom robbed me of $25,000.00 in pay when they decided to break my pay contract for the biggest RV show of the year so they could pocket the commission $$ they would have to pay me for busting my butt for the months to follow. Trust me, after working for Marcus Lemonis. he... Read more

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I placed an order for decorative camping lights for my son's upcoming birthday party on December 23, 2016 and they company automatically took the money from my account when I placed the order. I received a confirmation email with my order number and the email stated a shipping email would follow with a tracking number. I waited a week with no shipping email, so I phoned the company. I spoke with a representative that told me my items had shipped... Read more

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The salesman swore that our side by side would fit in the toy hauler. He even went as far to say he called a dealer to get exact measurements. He also knew we were leaving in 2 days. Turns out the side by side had to have new fenders and a new body part. We also had to rip out all the cabinets to get it in. The door is too small. 1 yr later and everything from the toilet to the furnace needs repairs. I saw a piece of trim that was out of place... Read more

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